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How To Become An Actor With No Experience

How To Become An Actor With No Experience
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I came across many a time with the common question every time people search on how to become an actor with no experience. Many aspirants want to know about acting. Youngsters who want to start acting, want to know basics to kick-start their acting career. Just to get in in acting jobs is not easy rather it is confusing. How to get a job without holding any degree or nothing to write on your resume related to the job is another big deal.

Now, we’ll discuss everything in detail about how to become an actor with no experience. Some still have a chance to get business as they study in drama school. But most people have not taken any training and they jump into the industry. Many celebs have set up a high standard of acting without experience. I recently meet some actors who have done well in the acting industry.

How to become an actor with no experience? Firstly, as per actors observation YES you CAN become an actor without experience. One or the other day you need to start working but why not know. In order to get the experience, you need to work in some or the other things, so that you can write something on your empty resume.

The first step will make you walk, second will make you jog and the third will made you run. Step by step you will start getting industry thing, that how it works and all. There are many ways to become an actor with no experience. The following discussion will teach how to become an actor with no experience.

How To Become An Actor With No Experience

 Tips & Tricks How To Become An Actor With No Experience

First of all, you need to make your mind on choosing an acting career as your job. Because nothing is easy when it comes to acting career. After choosing you to need to plan a way out on who to become an actor with no experience. As we told you earlier you need to expand your empty resume with acting skills, performances, experience and training.

1. Study – Get Familiar

Study the basic about the industry to get familiar. You should know do’s and don’t, ins and outs of this industry. You should now the best people out of all and how thing work around them. Read books related to talent agents, marketing, own promotion and business. You should know where you want to be and what will be your route plan.

2. Location – Do not move to a major market

Trying for the first time location matters a lot. If you want to work in NYC or Los Angeles don’t ever think of starting your journey from that point. Stay in the city you belong. One should start with part-time work depending on the time you get to work as an actor. Do small acting job and train well, to fill up your resume. If your work is appreciated you can think of for a major move.

3. Find Opportunities

Search and find opportunities for you. Keep the basic goal in mind to work better every day, do not rush into everything. You can learn acting in one day, it takes years and years to be the best at acting. Still, some of the big actors say they learn every day. Be a good learner and be smart and try to find work every day.

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4. Auditions

The best way is to proceed in the acting business, give auditions every day. If you are in small cities you can get more chance to be on the top. Try to give at-least on audition a day. Mark dates on the calendar so that you can get up in the morning and you should know where to go today. If you want to be an actor quickly with no experience, you will get a chance in small cities. You would give auditions of everything; any part that can help you to be better.

5. Enhance Skills

The first priority should always be a good actor. But you should know about other things as well which will differentiate you from others. If you know how to dance, any martial arts skills or you know how to play the guitar will help you to interact with interview better than others. These things will help you gain a job as well as enhance your resume content.

6. Practice on Mobile Apps

If you want to learn to act just practice on mobile apps. There are many applications where you can make videos and audience can like those video. You should post those videos to know what people like or not. You can practice in front of the mirror as well. When you make your own videos you’ll get to know where you lack. There will be a few things that you’ll learn by yourself.

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7. Start Promoting Yourself

Now how will you promote yourself? Promoting at the later stage will not do much, but if you start promotion now you will be ahead of many who can’t catch you later as well.

As per my experience, there are few easy steps by which you can easily brand yourself. Everything is online now, people surf the internet and try to find new things –

a) Build your website
b) Social media network – Enhance your social media network to interact with audience and employees. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In are the social media network which will help you to promote yourself
c) Connect with industry people like actors, producers, screenwriter, choreographers, directors
d) Be active on your website and share things on social media

8. Patient – Get used to rejection

Be patient is something everyone will tell you in this business. Rejection is part of life and when it comes to acting business you need not think about rejections. Every actor big or small get rejected but you should know how can I make thing better for myself. It’s not that you are a bad actor or you have done something wrong. It can be a director who knows what he actually needs, but he doesn’t find that person in you.

9. Get Exposure

To be on the top of getting into something you need exposure or experience. Be positive and get in front of the casting director or producers or agents. Let more and more people know about you, if most people reject you, then also people will remember you and you can get a job out of it. Most famous actors or actresses were rejected at the start of their acting career.

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10. Don’t take Rejection to Heart

The most common thing about actors is rejection. Ask someone you are successful or at struggling stage. You can fail in audition due to blond hair but director want black, or because you are shot, or your accent is not as per their requirement – one of them can be a factor.

The acting carrier can pull you down as well. You will see some of your friends working Monday to Friday and parting on Saturday. But you can’t afford, or you can also lose things that you never expected. Your friends can pay your bills but still you don’t want to go. On the other hand, you can get lots and lots of work that you’ll not find time to sleep. It can go either way, hard work and acting skill you defiantly pay you one day.

Stay tuned to get more article on how to become an actor with no experience.

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