10 Lines

10 Lines on My Father

10 Lines on My Father
Written by Superman

Today we are gonna write 10 lines on my Father for students. These lines can be written in exams to get good results. As our online classes are going on so we can get through these lines and let everyone know about our country.

10 Lines on My Father

10 Lines on My Father

My father’s name is Mr. Rahul Sharma.

He is a businessman.

He is about thirty years old.

He always gets up early in the morning.

He is very kind and gentle.

He always speaks truth.

He is always smiling and seldom gets angry.

He is always ready to help anyone in difficulty.

He worships God everyday in the morning.

He believes in simple living and high thinking.

He is very simple in dressing up and other habits.

He loves everyone in the family.

He is greatly dedicated to all of us.

He always tries to take time out from his busy schedule to spend with us.

He is very fond of gardening and painting.

He is a regular reader of great writers.

He helps me in my studies.

He looks after the family well.

He is very friendly in nature and all the neighbours praise him.

My father is like my best friend and I love my father very much.

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