25 Best TV Shows – Top Rated TV Shows To Watch Before You Die

Best TV Shows
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Most people around the world often search for best tv shows of all time. Today we have collected top 25 best tv shows ever made. Most people watch tv shows every day but some have little spare time to watch tv series. Sometimes people don’t know which series to start next or which one is the best that people follow around the world.

Shows on tv stop due to high demand to show repeat telecast of shows which are going on air. This has created a mess on television as channel owners don’t get time to show old series so frequently.

Best TV Shows

Top Rated Tv Shows Around The World

Our team organised a survey of more than 10,000 people who rated 25 best tv shows they have ever seen or heard about. There was tough competition for being on number 1 spot and even tougher for some to get in top 25 lists of best tv shows of all time.

List of Best TV Shows Ever Made

So without wasting more time lest start with a list of best tv shows ever made in the history of the small screen.

The Wire

One of the well-known series which got the highest rating when it comes to best series. The series started in the year 2002 and ended in 2008. There is not more difference between the rating of top 10 on our list as every season struggle to be on the top of one another. This a David Simon’s crime drama genre show. Most people comment – we can’t move if we started an episode once, can’t even move our neck. This show is rated on the top among the best tv shows list.

The West Wing

The West Wing season came in 1996-2006. This is one series which was liked by the youngster. It started with a simple formula of smart and funny political drama genre show. It shows some amazing rapid-fire dialogue and politically resonant storyline. As per audience comment – it was the most intelligent Tv show ever made so far.

The Simpsons

It a miracle happened with “The Simpsons” show. It is the only show which has got run for 28 seasons and still counting. The first season came in 1989 and last came last year. This is something non-sensible that people love to watch when they want to relax their mind. The uniqueness of characters has laid audience laugh till date. Audience view – We feel relaxed after watching “The Simpsons” what else can makers expect.


The most popular series of all college going students so far. This show came in 1994-2004. This is one series which make you feel young if you are 60 now. Still, everything is fresh in the show. Audience review – Best tv show which made your life special when you are young. Most youngsters rated Friends as best tv shows ever shown on television.

Game of Thrones

TV series that came in 2011 and still going on. This is one of the biggest television series that made a mark with best story writing of George R.R. Martin’s book and the reality that made something unexpected for the audience. This political historical period show made a huge impact on the audience. Artist like Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau have given their best shot to make it look much better. Verdict – Nature make things happen when you don’t expect. Best series on politics ever made. As per my opinion, it is my personal favourite among the best tv shows list.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is a Hollywood series which came out in 2003 – 2009. The storyline is based on a background of 9/11. This was a great concept which restricts audience to watch this sci-fi television series. Verdict – one of the best series based on the different concept.


Oz series started in 1997 till 2003. The series has put down all efforts to bring dark side of prison life. The series set in the Oswald State Correctional Facility. They have taken few characters life and subjected them to make a perfect script. Audience view – Good show to know about prison life.


Blackadder started in 1983 till 1989. This was a well-written script which includes consistently sharp and funny arguments which came naturally from the characters of the show. Very soon show become hit and was watched by masses. The show features Rowan Atkinson, Tim Mclnnerny, Hugh Laurie and Tony Robinson. Verdict – the Second series was best.

The Killing

The series came in 2007 till 2012. It is a murder mystery followed by three interwoven plot-lines. Only 20 episodes and first series were split in two half’s but the audience has to wait for the conclusion. It was great when the series came back after six months. Audience view – one of the best suspense series.

The Twilight Zone

It is an old classic series from 1959 – 1964. Top story writers work on this subject at that time. This was an impactful series by Rod Serling’s which felt till now. The storyline of this movie becomes popular and worked on television. This is one series that can’t be forgotten for many years. Audience verdict – Best storyline.


One series which was liked by adults. The series includes drinking, parties, gambling, smoking, psychologist and much more thing which is done by youngsters. This drama series first came in 1993 -1996. After few years the last series came in 2006. This series is from Britain and said as one of the best drama series produced ever.


Small series which came in for two years run from 2004 – 2006. This series was so routines that people can’t even move their head while watching the show. Its all about lawless Dakota Territory town where world descended to the Black Hills to find their fortune. This is the most unique, complex and interesting characters ever seen on television.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos was released in 1999-2007. People appreciated the vision of creator David Chase’s work. How he thought about school criminal organisation that made audience relax from the tension of modern days. Audience verdict – got relaxed after watching.

Hill Street Blues

Launched in 1981-1987 with a low rating. First few episodes made audience confused about what was happening in the story. Soon it becomes popular and critics thought it was the riskiest series on television. It was a mixture of drama and comedy genre which made audience worth watching. Review – Good attempt.


Spaced starring Edgar Wright, Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg. This series came in 1999-2001 who show pop culture observations. This was can be watched endlessly and career of three characters rise. Only 14 episodes were released, and audience watch it again and again, the actual audience review.

Mad Men

A lot of audiences just write about aggressive smoking in the show and every character well dressed. These drama series show some magical moments as Don Draper and his associated first negotiate for perils and pitfalls of Madison Avenue. The should come in 2007-2015 seven seasons.

Homicide: Life on The Streets

Homicide: Life on The Streets came in 1993-1999. This was cop drama genre tv series which show people with the gritty relation. The Tv series show day to day working of police procedures which audience want to see. Great cast like Vincent D’Onofrio, Jake Gyllenhaal and J.K. Simmons and Robin Williams.


Frasier was launched in 1993 till 2004. This was a comedy genre tv show with a unique concept and quirky characters. Frasier cast Kelsey Grammar, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, John Mahoney, Jane Leeves and Dan Buyer. Verdict – one of the best comedy series we remember.

Best Netflix Tv Shows You Must Watch 

The Shield

The Shield show came in 2002-2008. This was one series which made audience love when they saw the first episode. This does not show the daily police procedure but it shows the brutal look behind the bridge. There was cased based on murder, torture, drug, credit acts and many more. Verdict – dark side of drama.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Series Buffy The Vampire Slayer was launched in 1997-2003. This was a horror genre series which made audience stick on seats whenever they watch this series. It is a fantasy and in that year the only movie based on this genre was made but Joss Whedon made it possible to bring such show in television as well.

The X-Files

The X-Files series is the series for the 90s and working till now. The last year 2017 it comes and now 2018 series was premiered on 3rd January. This was the perfect conspiracy, romantic drama series which was lead by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The lead artist was dropped out which show downfall in the series.

Fawlty Towers

Old classic tv show Fawlty Towers is still one of the great British series. This show is something that audience desecrate to watch in those days. It as launched in 1975-1979. The series was about good hospitality and comedy genre made it a super hit show. The cast of John Cleese, Prunella Scales, Connie Booth, Ballard Berkeley, Brian Hall, Renee Roberts and Gilly Flower.


24 known as miniseries came in 2001-2015. This is one of the most cinematic Tv series every launch. It was time when critics reported 24 to be a rubbish show, still, it was liked by the most audience. 24 features Kiefer Sutherland, Leslie Hope, Sarah Clarke, Elisha Cuthbert, Dennis Haysbert, Carlos Berkeley and Penny Jonson Jerald.

The Office

British series The Office came in 2001-2003. This was one of the best series which was later remade in America. The basic purpose of this tv show was to let the audience know the reality of daily office life. It has a lot of training sessions led by the boss and another colleague.

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