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IELTS Essay 2019 – Nowadays employers prefer youngsters to aged and experienced employers.

IELTS Essay 2019
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IELTS Essay 2019 – Nowadays employers prefer youngsters to aged and experienced employers. Do you support this growing trend? What are its reasons? Express your own point of view.

IELTS Essay 2019 Topics

IELTS Essay 2019

IELTS Essay 2019 Topics

This is the day of the young people. In business, many organizations look with disfavor on the grey heads, give preference to youngsters still ‘wet behind the ears’. Most of the companies prefer teenagers and youngsters especially in the field of insurance, marketing, business process outsourcing, information technology and so on.

Most of today’s job opportunity is slanted to the youngsters. Their excellent creativity, health, mood, communication, competence and the way of thinking are some qualities of youngsters which appeal the employers. Their briskness, diligence, intelligence and grasping power are superb in comparison with the aged. The aspiration to learn, communication skill, positive attitude towards technology and its use are some other merits of youngsters. Even in international relations in the labor market, the attitude of employers towards old workers is not much better.

Each and every moment, the world is being subjected to change. New and advanced technologies are being introduced. So, the employees are foisted to improve their capabilities and knowledge through vocational training and education. Aged people are not able to do advanced training and study because of their age-related problems and disinterest. Youth is often too cocksure of itself; too arrogant; too ready to say “I know it all”. But let us not loose sight of the fact that wisdom cannot be gained overnight. We cannot disregard the older men and women who have years of experience which can be of great value.

It is my personal opinion that promoting age-friendly work environment and learning policies will help compensate for this problem. Thereby we can utilize the valuable experiences and advice of the aged which may outweigh the briskness and competence of the younger folk.

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