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Discuss the Role of Cheerleaders – Is Cheerleaders a Sport

Is Cheerleaders a Sport
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These days, cheerleaders are an important part of many national and international sporting events. Is Cheerleaders a Sport or necessary in the sport. Discuss the role of cheerleaders in sports and games.

Is Cheerleaders a Sport – Involvement in National And International Sport

Is Cheerleaders a Sport

Is Cheerleaders a Sport essay

Like any other walk of human life, sports and games too undergo many changes. While many people accept the changes wholeheartedly, many others look at them with disdain. The relatively new trend of cheerleaders’ in sports grounds also has gained the approval of many and the wrath of many.

Those who are against this practice allege that the dancing girls can only act as an instrument of distraction, especially at very important moments. They go on to assert that a true sports lover does not need to look at the barely covered body of dancers to get the joy of watching sports or games. For example, a person who is watching a cricket match is determined to enjoy the game. The cheerleaders can only misfit like an artificial ingredient. So patently do they defeat the very purpose of sports and games?

However, there are arguments which are totally contradictory in nature. According to some, the sole purpose of sports is entertainment. So, anything that can enhance enjoyment can be used as complementary. There is no question of sports losing its charm. According to them, the role of cheerleaders comes only at the moments of celebration. Their sole intention is to add beauty and color to the celebration.

In total, in my opinion, it can be said that the new trend of cheerleaders is never a bane. True sports-lovers will always enjoy the presence of cheerleaders who manifold the joy of important moments through their vibrant costumes and body movements

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