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PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips And Tricks

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips And Tricks
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In this article, we discuss PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips And Tricks. Let’s start with the introduction part, go ahead and see what this question type is about.

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips And Tricks

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips And Tricks

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips And Tricks

What are the things we need to keep in mind to score well?

1. In PTE exam, you will get four to five questions of this type.
2. You will see some text at the top with some blanks in it on your screen and then in the bottom, you will see the number of words.
3. You will have to drag the words from the box at the bottom into the blanks at the top.
4. There will be some extra words in the box usually three words are extra. So that means if you have four blanks in the text, then you will have seven options. Seven words from which you can drag and drop.

This is what the screen will look like. So as we said, you will see the text and it has got the blanks or blank boxes. In addition to that, you have got the words which you can click at the word and drag it in the particular blank. Three words are extra that means not every word will fill in the blank.

What will it test?

It is the test of your reading abilities. More specifically, you have the ability to understand – how a word fits in the context of a sentence. How a particular word fits in the sentence as compared to other words.

Remember this to score well –┬áPTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips And Tricks

1. Skim the text – When you start attempting the question, first quickly skim the context to get an overall understanding of the text or what it is all about. After this start attempting one blank after another.

2. Check that it links well – When you put a word in a particular blank, make sure that it links with the words before it and it links with the words after it.In your mind, try to make a picture because every sentence tells a picture or tells you something. So try to understand by adding that word in the blank.`Is it completing that picture or it is adding more meaning to that picture or not or is there anything which doesn’t go with the picture. So that will tells you whether it makes sense in that context or not.

3. Words should make sense when put in the blank – Which so ever word you are putting in the box should be right grammatically and it should also make logical sense.

4. Move to the next blank if you can’t fill one blank – If however you are not able to identify a word or you find it difficult to fill one particular blank, then leave it once and go to the next one. Once you have done few of them, then you have lesser number of options remaining. At this time, it becomes easier to do the remaining blanks.

5. Review in the end – Once you have filled all the blanks, then spend some time to review everything in the end because there are those three extra words. So ask yourself “can any of them these words make a better option or can they be a better word then that are put in.” So that’s the way to review and make sure that you don’t leave out any better option.

Spend proper time in the practice. As you go through each and every practice question, make sure you pause and understand. Spend some time to understand why we have picked this option and why don’t other. So try to understand the technique that we are following because that’s very important when you going to the exam. So with that, we think you are ready to go to practice set number 1. All the Best.

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