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PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Tips

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PTE Multiple Choice Choose Single Answer – Let’s go ahead and see what question type is this all about. Along with this, go through PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Tips.

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Tips

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Tips


  1. In your exam, you will get 2 to 3 questions of this type.
  2. Read a passage and answer a question based on the passage.
  3. There is only one option that is correct.

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer Tips

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer

  • Question 1

The other group is a conservative grouping of parties that are in coalition at the Federal level, as well as in New South Wales and Victoria but compete in Western Australia and South Australia. The main party is this group is the center-right Liberal Party. The Liberal Party is the modern form of a conservative grouping that has existed since the fusion of the Protectionist Party and Free Trade Party into the Commonwealth Liberal Party in 1909. Although this group has changed its nomenclature, there has been a general continuity of MP’s and structure between different Menzies in 1944. The party’s philosophy is generally liberal conservatism.

Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Which of the following statements is true?

  • Liberal Party did not exist before 1944
  • Protectionist Party is the largest group that forms Liberal Party
  • The structure of Liberal Party has not changed much since 1909
  • Conservative group of parties compete against each other nationally

Write your answers in the comment section.


What will PTE examiner test in this question type?

#1 It is a test of your reading abilities. Your ability to read a text, get the meaning of it & identify the theme.

#2 Ability to look for specific information in a passage.

#3 Ability to distinguish between correct and seemingly correct options.

The other multiple choice type question for reading. Some options are correct and some are almost correct. So you should be able to distinguish between that. In our practice sets we will go through many questions of these types and then we will discuss in detail why some options are correct and some options look like they are correct. But not so in the context of the passage.

Remember this to score well

#1 There is no negative marking, so never leave unanswered. If you think that you are not able to identify the correct option than just try to make a smart intelligent guess.

#2 Before you read the text, first read the question to understand what is expected of you, then go back and read the text.

#3 After selecting an option quickly read the other option to make sure you are not leaving out a better option.

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