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Repeated PTE Fill In The Blanks

Repeated PTE Fill In The Blanks
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Some Repeated PTE Fill In The Blanks Questions with Answers for PTE aspirants to practice. Practice free PTE real exam questions from “Fill in the Blanks” section of Reading module shared by PTE students who have recently given exam in India, Australia etc. If you have also taken PTE exam recently then feel free to post your recent exam questions and topics in the comment box below.

Read the passages aloud to properly practice for the real exam. After you have read the passage with the gaps, attempt to place the words into the passage. Here are some repeated PTE Fill in the Blanks Questions with answers.

Repeated PTE Fill In The Blanks Questions

Repeated PTE Fill In The Blanks

Repeated PTE Fill In The Blanks

1. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

ruled, established, particularly, believed, classical, inextricably, independently, history

The ancient (1) __________ of North Africa is (2) __________ linked to that of the Ancient Near East. This is (3) __________ true of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. In the Horn of Africa the Kingdom of Aksum (4) __________ modern-day Eritrea, northern Ethiopia and the coastal area of the western part of the Arabian Peninsula. The Ancient Egyptians (5) __________ ties with the land of Punt in 2350 BCE. Punt was a trade partner of Ancient Egypt and it is (6) __________ that it was located in modern-day Somalia, Djibouti or Eritrea. Phoenician cities such as Carthage were part of the Mediterranean Iron Age and (7) __________ antiquity. Sub-Saharan Africa developed more or less (8) __________ in that period.

Check Answers –
1. history 2. inextricably 3. particularly 4. ruled 5. established 6. believed 7. classical 8. independently


2. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

aid, firmly, hostile, arrived, massacred, apparently, quite, assist, peopled

Older settlements are (1) __________ distinct from the later lordship of Oman and Maskat. When the Portuguese (2) __________ in 1498 they found on the coast a series of independent towns, (3) __________ by Arabs, but not united to Arabia by any political tie. Their relations with these Arabs were mostly (4) __________, but during the sixteenth century they (5) __________ established their power, and ruled with the (6) __________ of tributary Arab sultans. This system lasted till 1631, when the Sultan of Mombasa (7) __________ the European inhabitants. In the remainder of their rule the Portuguese appointed European governors, who were (8) __________ most distasteful to the natives, for they invited the Arabs of Oman, who now appear on the scene for the first time, to (9) __________ them in driving the foreigners out.

Check Answers –
1. quite 2. arrived 3. peopled 4. hostile 5. firmly 6. aid 7. massacred 8. apparently 9. assist


3. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

abolition, revenue, impetus, transport, slavery, treaties, pressure, shortfall, eventually

Control of Zanzibar (1) __________ came into the hands of the British Empire; part of the political (2) __________ for this was the 19th century movement for the (3) __________ of the slave trade. Zanzibar was the center of the Arab slave trade, and In 1822, the British counsel in Muscat put (4) __________ on Sultan Said to end the slave trade. The first of a series of anti-slavery (5) __________ with Britain was signed by Said which prohibited slave (6) __________ south and east of the Moresby Line, from Cape Delgado in Africa to Diu Head on the coast of India. Said lost the (7) __________ he would have received as duty on all slaves sold, so to make up for this (8) __________ he encouraged the development of the slave trade in Zanzibar itself. Said came under increasing pressure from the British to abolish (9) __________, and in 1842 the British government told the Zanzibari ruler it wished to abolish the slave trade to Arabia, Oman, Persia and the Red Sea.

Check Answers –
1. eventually 2. impetus 3. abolition 4. pressure 5. treaties 6. transport 7. revenue 8. shortfall 9. slavery


4. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

waterway, generate, committed, fisheries, submerged, tropical, foreign, tourist, hardwood, enterprise, electricity

The Akoso Dam provides (1) __________ for much of the country, as well as for export to Togo, Benin, and nearby countries, to earn (2) __________ exchange value. Lake Volta is also important for transportation, providing a (3) __________ for both ferries and cargo watercraft. Since the huge lake lies in a (4) __________ area, the water remains warm year-round naturally. Given good management, Lake Volta is the location of a vast population of fish and large (5) __________.

The lake also attracts tourism, and (6) __________ cruises visit the island of Dodi. Recent developments include a large-scale (7) __________ to harvest (8) __________ timber from the flooded forests under Lake Volta. This project harvests high-value tropical hardwood without requiring additional logging or destruction of existing forest and, according to Wayne Dunn, “could (9) __________ the largest source of environmentally sustainable natural tropical hardwood in the world.” The Ghanaian-owned company Underwater Forest Resources has (10) __________ itself to making said lumber available in the global market. While Flooring Solutions Ghana have become the suppliers of (11) __________ floors, using the rare wood from the Lake.

Check Answers –
1. electricity 2. foreign 3. waterway 4. tropical 5. fisheries 6. tourist 7. enterprise 8. submerged 9. generate 10. committed 11. hardwood


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