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Retell Lecture PTE Practice Test 3

Retell Lecture PTE Practice Test
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Retell Lecture PTE Task РListen carefully to the lectures, they are about a minute long. Take a notebook and pen, and write down important points by means of keywords, names, names of places, years and numbers. Also, note down important developments. After listening to the lecture, re-tell the lecture in 40 seconds. Use your notes as a guide. Share your own answer through comment box.

Retell Lecture PTE Sample

Retell Lecture PTE Practice Test

Retell Lecture PTE Practice Test 3


Listen to the following audio and retell lecture in your own words.

Retell Lecture PTE Practice Sample

Retell Lecture PTE Examples


TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in actual PTE Academic Test)

The old Canada road is a long lost trail between the Canadian province of Quebec and Maine in the North-East corner of the United States. Yes, it really was lost and finding it again was a complex process that involved state of the art technology. How the location of the road was pinpointed was very interesting and I’ll return to it as soon as I have given you a little background information.

The road began in 1817 a few years before Maine even became a state at the time Quebec was a major market for livestock crops and fish. So a road to Quebec was seen by officials in Maine as necessary for trade. For about 20 years the movement of people and goods was mostly from Maine to Quebec but then the trend reversed as thousands of Canadians emigrated to Maine to escape poor crops, a lack of jobs and the threat of disease.

I think it was a cholera epidemic. Besides these negative reasons major building projects in Maine also made the state very attractive for the Canadians who needed work. I should stress though that immigration during that period went in both directions. In fact, the flow of people and goods went completely unhindered. There wasn’t even a border post until around 1850. The people of the time saw Maine and Quebec as a single region mainly because of the strong French influence which is still evident in Maine today eventually the road fell into disuse as a major railway was completed. Finally, people simply forgot about it and that’s how it came to be lost. This brings me back to the original topic.

Answer –

(Answer Transcript) – The lecturer described about the old Canadian road between Quebec and Maine which is lost and fell disuse after when the major railway line was completed. The road was built in 1817 and used as a major trading route for livestock, crops, and fish. It was also used by immigrants to escape from famine and cholera epidemic. Until 1850 the movement of people and goods on the road went unhindered. In conclusion, the roads were the major building blocks of human evolution since the beginning of the human civilization.

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