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Essay Writing on “what factors contribute to a good movie”

what factors contribute to a good movie
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Some films become successful and popular while some other movies do not attract the audience. In your opinion, what factors contribute to a good movie?

what factors contribute to a good movie?

what factors contribute to a good movie

what factors contribute to a good movie

The movie is one of the most powerful media in human history has ever witnessed. The impact this moving picture has on the lives of people is profound. This audio-visual media is the best way of narrating a story as it can portray the real flow of events. There are a large number of factors which are essential for a good movie.

The very first element is a good and appealing theme or story. But it is a difficult task as the likes of people change from age to age, and also according to the geographical area. For example, children living in an advanced society may find films about aliens and the extraterrestrial appealing. However, children from a rural area might find peasant themes more interesting. Thus, it is very vital for the success of a film to select a theme taking into consideration the nature of the target audience.

Yet another vital thing is the way these films are picturized. As it is a visual media, each scene has a powerful influence on the audience. A cinema is a sequence of different scenes arranged in a particular manner. The same film can be presented in a slow and boring way or in a dramatic and interesting way. It is an accepted fact that most people prefer to watch fast ones.

The next element is acting. If actors are not selected according to the nature of the characters, they might not be able to satisfy the expectations of the spectators. To illustrate, it will be a ridiculous idea to convert a healthy and young actor into an old and weak person through make-up.

In total, it is evident that a good film is the combination of many different factors out of which the most important thing is proper understanding of the expectations of people.

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