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Genius Movie Box Office Collection – Audience Review

Genius Movie Box Office Collection
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Genius Movie Box Office Collection – The Gadar child Jeete has grown up and turned into a Genius, but that’s not enough. The movie which released yesterday failed to impress the movie critics and the audience too. The movie gets 2 stars out of five. Utkarsh Sharma (son of director Anil Sharma) debut his career in Bollywood industry this Friday, with his father’s film Genius. The movie also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who also failed to save the film from its utter stupidity. Anil Sharma’s Genius is an assault on the eyes, the brain, common sense and human logic in general.

Genius Movie Box Office Collection

Genius Movie Box Office Collection

Genius Movie Box Office Collection Earning

Ishita Chauhan is also in lead with debutant Utkarsh Sharma and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Ishita performs well on screen. The movie bangs mix reviews from the audience.

The film has many tired cliches that after a point you start enjoying counting them. It’s very clear from the beginning scene that the Bollywood never grow up when it comes to dealing with a genre of love story. The only thing which we noticed is that the storyline serves to be different from what we have been served before, just as its tagline says “Dil Ki Ladai Dimaag Se”.

The movie eans 2.16 Cr at the box office on day 1 and 2.67 on the second day at the box office.

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