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Essay Topic – Marriage Before Completing Studies

Marriage Before Completing Studies
Written by Hanisha Kapoor

Marriage Before Completing Studies – It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job? Do you agree or disagree”? Complete the topic within 20 minutes.

Marriage Before Completing Studies

Marriage Before Completing Studies

Marriage Before Completing Studies

Getting hitched before higher education or stable job is a subjective argument. It is an individual choice. One should be able to decide better for himself. Nevertheless, in my personal opinion, I think higher education is a must before getting married. Some may think that marriage could be a step forward in settling down. But as I said in the beginning, everyone has their own personal choice in getting married.

I think in today’s fast pacing world, one needs to be emotionally and financially stable. Education is driving force to attain these two factors. It showcases the right path, opens the mind, brings you closer to your career choice and provides financial stability. Education helps in overall development of the person and makes the person emotionally stable in life because of the knowledge.

Other than this, a person has to be ready to take all the responsibilities of marriage and family. Getting married at an early age can make a person feel burdened which end up in the failure of the marriages. So education gives a person that time frame they want to prepare themselves for this huge change.

Attaining higher education also opens many doors to career choices. If one wants to switch his career options, one can easily do it before the marriage since he can easily take decisions for himself. Marriage somewhat bounds a person. He or she has to think a lot of times before taking any decisions.

So to conclude I would say that education is a must. Again it is an individual choice. But in the end, I feel marriage is overrated. Marriage or no marriage, education must be acquired and should be taken seriously by everyone.

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