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PTE Listening Select Missing Word Tips And Tricks

PTE Listening Select Missing Word Tips
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First, we will discuss basics. You will get two to three types of question in your exam. What is this question type about? Along with this, go through PTE listening Select Missing Word Tips and Tricks.

PTE Listening Select Missing Word Tips

You will hear an audio and at the end of the recording or last few words have been replaced by the beep sound. So you will not hear the last words or last few words. And you need to identify that word or those words from the options that have been given to you. So you have to pick one of those options. So essentially that would be your missing word.

In nutshell things to remember –

  • 2 to 3 questions of this question type in the exam
  • Listen and select the option that completes the recording
  • 7 seconds before the audio begins

What do you need to do within 7 seconds before the audio begins?

There will be seven-second timer before witch the audience begins. So please use those seven seconds to look at the options to just get an idea of what they might be asking you. What the audio might be about.

Another important thing is “The Instructions” of this type of questions. For pretty much all other questions, the instructions are standard nothing differs. So you probably don’t need to look at the instructions and spend your time reading the instructions. Because you already know what you suppose to do with the question. But in this type of questions in the select missing word. In the instructions, they will tell you what the recording is about. Whether it’s about mathematics, political incident or any other topic. So it will tell you what it is about, read the instructions in seven seconds that also helps you understand what the audience is going to be about.

This is what the screen looks like

PTE Listening Select Missing Word Tips

PTE Listening Select Missing Word Tips And Tricks

This is how the screen looks like, as you can see at the top, it says you will hear a recording about Asian culture. So you know whatever you will hear its gonna be about culture and specifically that of Asia. So you have to look out for information words related to that. Than quickly have a look at the options that are given to you. After that start listening to the audio which will start as soon as the seven-second timer ends.

So its a test of your listening, pretty much score that you get will be based on your listening. But there will be a bit of reading elements in that you have to be able to identify, understand what the words there are on the screen. But yes it is pretty much about listening score that you get will internally be for listening.

Remember this to score well

#1 – Instructions are important – They tell you what the audio will be about

#2 – Use the five seconds to read the instructions and quickly look at the options.

#3 – You can try taking the notes but whats more important is that you understand the theme and what the speaker is talking about. As soon as the audio comes towards the end, you know that’s when it becomes important to take notes or writing something.

#4 – Try to understand what the speaker is saying

#5 – Keep an eye on the audio progress bar – As soon as it comes near the end put extra effort in making sure you capture the last few words. Why that’s important? Because last few words are to be linked with whatever options you select. Even if you don’t understand or don’t capture or don’t get the passage, the earlier sentences it doesn’t matter much. Whats coming in the end that is very important because your option should match those last few words grammatically and also you have to make logical sense with those last few words or last lines. At that point, if you want you can take some notes.

Whatever option you pick, it has to make sense so that it should be something that can follow the last few words. It has to link with them properly. And also it should make sense in the overall contest of the recording.

Sometimes what happens is that there will be more than one options which are grammatically correct. Both the options can be attached to end of the sentence or to the last words you have heard. But only one of those words goes logically with what the audio was about. In the end, it has to match with last few words. In addition, it has to fit in within the overall context of the recording.

Keep these tips in mind and we are sure you will do well in your PTE exam.

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