Multi Choice PTE Reading Tips

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Tips

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Tips
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PTE Multiple Choice Multiple Answers – Let’s go ahead and see what this multiple type question is all about. Along with this, go through PTE Reading Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Tips.

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Tips

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Tips

PTE Reading Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Tips


  • In your exam, you will get 2 to 3 questions of this type.
  • You have to read a passage and answer a question based on that passage.
  • Below the question, you will find the number of options. In this type of question more then one option is correct. So you have to select all the correct options.
  • There is a negative marking in Multiple Choice Multiple Correct Answer. So if you select an option which is not correct you will get a negative marking for it. But the minimum that you will get in this type of question is Zero. So, you can never go below zero, you won’t get an overall negative mark. It means if you select one correct and one incorrect option you will get zero. But if you select one correct and two wrong options even then you will get zero. You won’t get a negative one.

How the screen looks like in PTE Exam is provided below. You will see a text and then there will be a question just below what the question description is, what the item type description is and below that there will the number of options and more then one option is correct.


PTE Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers Tips


What will PTE examiner text in multiple-choice multiple answers?

#1 It is a text of your reading ability.

#2 Ability to look for specific information in a passage.

#3 Ability to distinguish between correct and seemingly correct option. What that means is in a lot of these type of question some options are very similar each other. But they differ in some minor aspect.

  • For Example

The first option will say “the entire population of this city lives in apartments”

The second option will say “most of the people in this city live in apartments”

Now you need to follow the passage –

The passage says “more than 80% of the people in the city live in an apartment”

Now you need to get back to the similar options “Entire population and most of the people”

One of the is correct and another one is similarly correct.

The second option most of the people is correct.

  • Explanation

Because 80% is “most” 80% is not entire. Entire would have been 100%. It’s your ability to distinguish between options like that and your ability to look at specific information in the passage.

You need to focus on that particular word or sentence where they talk about the population and where it lives in the whole passage.

Points to remember to score well in PTE Exam

#1 This question type has negative marking. So be careful.

#2 Before you read the text read the question first. So that you know what to look for in the passage. And then go back and quickly read the passage.

#3 Then quickly read the passage to get an understanding of the overall theme or how the passage is structured. So you get an understanding of what information is in which part of the passage.

#4 Then come back and look for the specifics as asked by the question and check it against the different options.

#5 Once you have selected the options, you must review your selected options once again in the end. They should match exactly with the information that is there in the passage.

Don’t try to base the answer or select an option based on your knowledge, something that you might know, but it is not mentioned in the passage. Your answers have to be based entirely on what’s there in the passage. So even if you know that in reality, something is different about a particular country. But if the passage says something you have to believe that’s there in the passage. Never base your answer on your judgments. They should be based entirely on what’s there in the passage.

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