Top 15 Famous Sports Personalities of India: Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni

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Famous sports personalities of India generate income from various sources. India is multi-culture country, but when we think about sports all communities come together. Cricket is one sport that major audience follow in India. Full packed Cricket stadium create a further advantage to cricketers to make money.

Every sport is commercialised in today’s era. Every country dedicatedly follows one or two games. Nowadays in India people follow other game as well. Olympic players also get an advantage to get in the limelight.

Consistency by players make then earn much more than anyone else. Most common way endorsements, brand ambassador and sports kit they wear.

Top 15 Sports Personalities In India: Net Worth of Virat Kohli Sachin Dhoni

Famous Sports Personalities of India

When we thought about writing this article, mostly we find cricket celebs. But you will be surprised to know their net earning for last two years. Some other sports stars are also added. Some has made into top 100 lists of Forbes sports celebs.

Virat Kohli

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli ranks on the top 15 famous sports personalities of India.

World Rank: 3
India Rank: 1
Age: 30
Earning: 2018: 125 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 100.72 crore

Sachin Tendulkar

God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar is in top 100 Forbes list for many years. Still when he is not playing for India makes his presence in top 5 around the world.

World Ranking: 5
India Rank: 2
Age: 44
Earning: 2018: 88 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 82.5 crore

P.V. Sindhu

Indian badminton player P.V. Sindhu is on rank 3 of BWF World ranking. She has represented India in 2016 Summer Olympics and won a silver medal. She is stepping ahead every single day to be on top 10 lists around the world.

World Rank: 13
India Rank: 3
Age: 22
Earning: 2018: 68.44 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 57.25 crore

Mahinder Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni)

MS Dhoni former Indian cricket team captain’s ranking has dropped down as he steps down from captaincy.

World Rank: 8
India Rank: 4
Age: 36
Earning: 2018: 59.11 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 63.77 crore

Ravichandran Ashwin

One of the most talented bowlers in Indian cricket team Ravichandran Ashwin has recently got many brand endorsement which leads him to the list of top 15 famous sports personalities of India.

World Rank: 23
India Rank: 5
Age: 31
Earning: 2018: 51.44 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 34.67 crore

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Ravinder Jadeja

Recently Ravinder Jadeja has come to limelight with new brand endorsements. He is doing well with the bat as well as the ball which lead to a good position in top 15 famous sports personalities of India.

World Rank: 24
India Rank: 6
Age: 29
Earning: 2018: 49.94 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 34.58 crore

Saina Nehwal

Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal has represented India in 2012 Summer Olympics – Women’s Single won a bronze medal for the country. In 2015 she attains world number one position.

World Rank: 29
India Rank: 7
Age: 27
Earning: 2018: 42 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 31 crore

Rohit Sharma

Consistent batsman for last two years Rohit Sharma has clearly made everyone know what he can do. One of the rising stars in Indian cricket preparing for World cup tour.

World Rank: 30
India Rank: 8
Age: 30
Earning: 2018: 39.54 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 30.82 crore

Shikhar Dhawan

On and off the field Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan is going consistently this year. The year 2017 was not so good for him but 2018 is much better than expected.

World Rank: 43
India Rank: 9
Age: 32
Earning: 2018: 24.88 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 15.94 crore

Anirban Lahiri

Indian golfer, Anirban Lahiri’s income is stable due to same brand endorsements every year. People in India follow golf less than other games. Still, Anirban Lahiri is going well as he is in world list as well as top 15 famous sports personalities of India list.

World Rank: 63
India Rank: 10
Age: 30
Earning: 2018: 15.33 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 12.44 crore

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is well-known cricket player who has hit 6 sixes in 6 balls. Ranking of Yuvraj Singh has dropped, when he stopped playing in Indian cricket team.

World Rank: 68
India Rank: 11
Age: 36
Earning: 2018: 9.23 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 11.60 crore

Srikanth Kidambi

Badminton player Srikanth Kidambi has stepped up in ranking in last two years.

World Rank: 83
India Rank: 12
Age: 24
Earning: 2018: 7.20 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 6.13 crore

Ajinkya Rahane

Another cricket celeb Ajinkya Rahane has made into top 15 famous sports personalities of India. Last year he stepped down but this year he is going to come back with the same position.

World Rank: 83
India Rank: 13
Age: 24
Earning: 2018: 7.09 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 5.56 crore

Cheteshwar Pujara

Strong test team player Cheteshwar Pujara is growing every year. Good performance in matched has to lead him to be part of top 15 famous sports personalities of India.

World Rank: 86
India Rank: 14
Age: 29
Earning: 2018: 6.88 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 5.48 crore

Murli Vijay

Murli Vijay is performing well in every game which leads to more brand endorsements. IPL has benefited him a lot and his rating is going in a positive way.

World Rank: 87
India Rank: 15
Age: 33
Earning: 2018: 5.80 crore (estimate)
Earning 2017: 4.20 crore

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