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Best Malayalam Movies
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Best Malayalam Movies – Let’s cheer up to all the Malayalam cinema people who’s dedication handmade this Cinema’s glow. Still, it is at a growing stage where lots and lots of people have made their career and some are waiting to get a chance.

Malayalam cinema has also struggled hard to get the audience into the theatre. We are going to share some of the best Malayalam movies so far. Among these, some of the best Malayalam movies were released in Hindi dubbed version as well, just to make India audience know about the best Malayalam movies.

Best Malayalam Movies Ever –

Best Malayalam Movies

There is a huge fan following of Malayalam comedy movies. You can recognize some actors who had worked for best Malayalam movies in there career. One of the very well known actor’s of the industry is Mohanlal. The superstar has given best Malayalam movies since he had entered into Malayalam industry. He made best Malayalam movies with his wonderful acting.

Some of the other day his movies are telecast on different movie channels. There is a production banner called Mammootty films who are busy in making action drama movies.

As per my opinion is concerned I love comedy and if you have ever Watch Malayalam movie you can’t stop laughing. There are some incompatible movies which were bought by Malayalam cinema which include quality of Bollywood cinema.

Best Malayalam Movies List

Malayalam film industry is little different from Bollywood. People have got different style and their masala movies are really very good. The stories on you and everyone in this industry make their efforts to give good content and screenplay then focusing on the hero of the movie.

Let’s begin with the list of best Malayalam movies which you should not miss watching.

Ramoji Rao speaking

This movie was released in 1989 which set the benchmark for all other comedy movies not only in Malayalam cinema but in Bollywood cinema as well. This movie is considered to be one of the best Malayalam movies ever produced as it collected fairly well at the box office. After its success Bollywood remake this movie with the name of Hera Pheri.


This movie was released in 1965. This is very well known classic Malayalam movie. This movie is based on the life of a small fisherman from Kerala. This story is about a man before marriage and after marriage relationship.

Maheshinte Prathikaaram

2016 release movie Maheshinte Prathikaaram was a comedy movie which brings amazing story about killings. It is directed by Dileesh Pothan who has made many superhit movies earlier as well. This film is about a photographer and friends who get into conflict. The photographer wants to resolve the issue.


Kireedam was released in 1989. This movie was an emotional drama which made the audience cry. It’s a story of a hardworking young man who wants to be a police officer but things won’t be same as what you think. He gets into a fight but tries to get away from it, but every time he wants to stay away from the fight and negative things his faith bring him back to the same place.

In Harihar Nagar

In Harihar Nagar is a comedy which was released in 1990. This story is based on 4 college mate who falls in love with one girl. This movie was directed by Siddique Lal and he created the best movie which is still an entertainer to watch.

Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha

Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha what is the lead in 1989. This movie is based on Kerala Warrior named Chrkavar. Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha movie is directed by Hariharan. In this movie, The writers have turned a negative role in positive. The way things happened in the movie audience light and was surprised. This movie had won four national awards in different categories.


Thoovanathumbikal Malayalam movie was released in 1987. The movie features Mohanlal and Parvathy in lead role. Both the actors were young at that time and this romantic movie made the audience fall in love with the work. The movie was directed by P Padmarajan.


This drama movie was released in 1991. The movie features Mammootty a lead role. The story revolves around the daughter of a fisherman who wants to educate her. His father dream was to make her doctor but his daughter falls in love. In this movie father’s dreams destroyed by its own child.

Bangalore Days

Bangalore Days is directed by Anjali Menon. Music is done by Gopi Sundar which was hit before the release of the movie. In 2014 movie was a showcase in theatres. This is a fun romantic movie which includes the togetherness of with old friends.


Vadakkunokkiyantram is a comedy whose meaning is Mariner’s Compass. Director Sreenivasan made this movie in the year 1989. Bollywood cinema was growing at this stage but small Malayalam cinema was making fabulous movies at this time as well.


Director Sibi Malayali brought Bharatham movie in the year 1991. This movie shows the basic concept of Ramayana. Basically, this movie has drawn attention towards Bharat effort made to bring things under control. In this movie Mohanlal Play the lead role and Nedumudi Venu supporting role in this movie.


In the year 2014, this is the only big release which collected huge amount from the box office. Comedy genre movie Munnariyippu was directed by Venu. This film is a prisoner who was put in jail. He never thought that he has done the crime but story is so well scripted that audience stick to their seats till the truth comes on big screen.


Classmate is romantic thriller genre movie which was released in 2006. This movie is directed by Lal Jose and tells the story of the reunion of students from same class. On reunion, the student starts talking about a murder mystery and movie going to a flashback.

Adaminte Makan Abu

Meaning of this movie title is Abu, Son of Adam. The story of this flick is about an old couple who have the desire to visit Hajj as every Muslim has dreamed of visiting. This is about a common man who can’t go on Hajj due to various factors in his life. This movie was critically acclaimed and it won 7 National Awards as well.


Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja was a super hit blockbuster war drama movie. As per the critics, it was the historical movie which made a super hit performance. The lead role was played by Mammootty. He was playing the character of king Pazhassi Raja who fight against Britishers in the 18th century for India.

Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police Malayalam movie was released in 2013. It’s very different when we talk about Malayalam movie with the name of Mumbai. As per the critics, this movie is the best crime thriller when it comes to all the industries in India. This is about a life of 3 policemen who obey their duty as per the law. There is a lot of mystery and suspension this movie. This movie will surprise you with the climax.

Ustad Hotel

Ustad Hotel is directed by Anwar Rasheed and it was released in 2012. The movie has changed the career of Dulquer Salman. This story is about a young boy who wants to be a successful chef. In this movie, you will see through Indian values portrait in a movie. The movie was released in 2012.


Most of the people, if not related to Malayalam film industry, have heard about the movie Pulimurugan. It was released in 2016, which made history in the Malayalam industry. The movie was the first movie to collect 150cr from the box office. In this movie Malayalam legendary star Mohanlal played the lead role.



1990 release movie Mathilukal was one of the best romantic drama movies at that time. The story of this movie is based on real life of Vaikom Muhammad. Most of this film is shot in prison as the man was in prison for quite a long time. This movie also shows the love romance with a female lead.


Kikukkam movie was made in 1991 by director Priyadarshan. This was a risky movie as it was a musical romantic comedy which had low scope among the audience. Still, the movie had done well at that time. This movie also includes the legendary actor Mohanlal in later. Opposite to Mohan Lal, you can see Revathy in female lead character.


You must have heard about this movies name in Bollywood as well. This movie was originally shot in Malayalam for the first time starting Mohanlal. This is a thriller movie which was directed by Jeethu Joseph. The story is about a happy family and a father who straight away fight with police to protect his family. Ajay Devgan starrar Drishyam was a remake of Malayalam Drishyam.

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