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PTE Listening Write From Dictation Tips And Tricks

pte listening right from dictation tips and techniques
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Write From Dictation Task – After listening to a recording of a sentence, type the sentence. First of all, understand the question type afterward check PTE Listening Write From Dictation Tips and Techniques to score well.

Number of Tasks: 2-3
Skills Assessed: Listening and Writing
Text/Recording Length: 3-5 seconds

PTE Listening Write From Dictation Tips

This is how the screen appears in the real exam.

PTE Listening Write From Dictation Tips And Techniques

PTE Listening Write From Dictation Tips And Tricks



1. The Audio Status box will count down from 7 seconds. Focus so that you do not miss any words.
2. If you prefer to write the sentence by hard first, be ready to write on your Erasable Noteboard Booklet.
3. If you prefer to type directly on the screen, place your cursor in the box on the screen.

Focus on Meaning:

1. When the audio begins, focus on the meaning of the sentence. This will help you to remember it.
2. Write or type the content words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs). Leave the minor words (prepositions, articles) for now.
3. Write or type as quickly as you can. Don’t worry about spelling at this point. Start writing as soon as the dictation begins and don’t stop to check writing your writing yet.

Construct and Check:

1. Immediately after the recording stops, write or type as much of the sentence as you can.
2. Go over the sentence and use your knowledge of grammar, word from and word order to add any words you missed out (e.g prepositions, articles).
3. Check the spelling of every word. Check for the verb endings and plurals. Marks are awarded for every correct word spelled correctly. Then click ‘Next’.

Write From Dictation Steps:

# 1 – Now make sure you listen carefully and write the sentence in order on your notepad.
# 2 – If you are running out of time, type the sentence directly on the screen. It will save your time.
# 3 – Make sure the sentence starts with a CAPITAL LETTER and ends with a full stop.
# 4 – Check the spelling of each word that you have typed, and make sure the sentence makes sense.
# 5 – Practice as much as you can before the test. It will also help you in the repeat sentence question.

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