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Essay on animals – Animals should not be used for the benefit of human beings

Essay on animals
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Essay on animals – Animals should not be used for the benefit of human beings unless there is evidence that the animals do not suffer in any way. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Essay On Animals Rights

Essay on animals

Essay On Animals Rights

Using animals for human needs is a matter of ethical judgment. While some strongly oppose all modern and traditional activities which involve killing animals or cause their suffering. Traditionalists are trying to convince the community that using living creatures for men’s need is natural and cannot be aided in everyday life.

Those who defend animal rights point out that all creatures on earth have equal rights to natural resources. So, humans’ exploitation of animals cannot be justified. The extremists of this class refuse to eat any food of animal origin, even milk or honey. They are trying to convince people to do the same using the argument that killing animals and keeping them in captivity cause their suffering and so, not civilized.

However, those who believe in animals butchery and enslaving point out that meat and other animal products have been a part of the human diet and lifestyle since the dawn of human civilization. It is argued that carnivores, herbivorous and omnivorous animals are the part of the ecology and the superior ones exploiting the weaker ones is only a part of the system. They also claim that in matters like medical experiments, it is highly necessary to use animals, as human life is more important than animals.

In total, I think that humans have the right to use animals, but being the most powerful creatures on earth. People have the responsibility to see that the equilibrium of ecology and nature is maintained. Also, it is the moral responsibility of humans to make sure that animals are not tortured unnecessarily.

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