Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Fashion –┬áNowadays in many countries, people are following the latest fashions, hairstyles and so on. Why are they so influenced by fashion. Is this positive or negative development?

IELTS Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Fashion

Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Fashion

Positive and Negative Effects of Fashion Essay

It is commonly witnessed that humans from all the races throughout the globe are adopting new trends. There are multifarious factors for this behaviour of masses and I deem it to be negative development which I shall be presenting in ensuing paragraphs.

To commence with, the primary and predominant reasons for the locals opting new brands are actors and actresses whom they considered to be their role models and try to imitate them. Moreover, the advertisement of sophisticated items like clothes, jewellery and many more or picturised by stars or public figures which influence the common man. Besides this, the TV ads are so lucrative and tempting that it attracts the people and they believe they will look more alike to film stars by following the latest fashions. Case in point, recent article on the psychology of men in India today revealed that 30% of the young population changed their hairstyle by following the public figures and 10% sales of Mercedes Benz has increased because of covert advertisement of it in Tom Cruise movie “The Star Wars”.

There are determinantal sequences of this blindfolding following of latest trends. Firstly, the native moves away from their culture and the exotic culture and lifestyle is eloping. Secondly, the locals are so badly affected that in order to buy expensive fashionable items there run out of budget and become bankrupts. In addition to this, it has adversely affected the kids who see the latest brands and demands the same from the parents and become materialistic in nature.

To conclude, I would say that though there are myriad of factors influencing the population for various recent trends, it is an individual possibility to analyse the pros and cons before following it.

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