IELTS Essay on Climate Change – Climate change is now an accepted threat to our planet, but there is not enough political action to control excessive consumerism and pollution. Do you agree?

IELTS Essay on Climate Change

ielts essay on climate change

Essay on Climate Change

The Global atmosphere has become a serious alarming situation in the recent decade. A group of environmentalist contend that local bodies do not take effective steps to restrain the over-consumption of resources and accelerating pollution. I completely agree with the notion and shall be discussing multifarious factors in the ensuing paragraph.

To commence with, the primary source of pollution is industries which continuously dumping toxic waste in seawater polluting it and threatening marine life and releasing greenhouse gases into the air which further leads to increase in global temperature. The higher authorities are not taking strict action towards this industrialisation. Before issuing the licence to form the proper investigation of their waste management process is required. Moreover, it does not examine on a regular and uninterrupted basis so that the environment can be protected.

Furthermore, the most vital and irrefutable source of the population is automobiles. Today are rules of pollution check on vehicles but it is not effectively imposed. The region should promote the CNG usage and effectively check the locals follows the law. Case in point, a step taken by the Delhi government to curb pollution and traffic on road by introducing an odd-even rule for a trial period and noted positive response. Search rules if imposed for a long time can cause the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Besides this, the farmers are using excessive pesticides and insecticides which releases toxic gases in the air. The higher authorities should take effective steps to reduce the usage of these and promote organic farming.

To conclude, I would say that the government should take stringent steps to curb the population and to protect the mother earth and make it a better place to dwell in.

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