Humans are dependent on each other IELTS Essay –┬áPeople think that individuals are more and more dependent on each other however others think that they are more independent. To what extent do you agree?

Humans are dependent on each other IELTS Essay

Humans are dependent on each other IELTS Essay

IELTS Essay Humans are Dependent on Each Other

A sizeable majority of today’s modern population contents that humans are overly relying on their relatives or colleagues to accomplish a task while majority vehemently opposite it. I prefer to work autonomously and will be discussing the same in the ensuing paragraphs.

To commence with, individuals often love to work on task solely without any guidance or support from their dear ones. This gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility which motivates them. In addition to this, they need not wait for others to manage or to do the task which saves their time and energy. Moreover, it says them from being lethargic and become self-dependent. It is commonly witnessed that the ones who are self-oriented are more punctual and disciplined. Pink self-styled helps them to have a hand on experience of each and every field. A case in point, the recent study conducted by Harvard University on human behaviour revealed that self-oriented person are more open and willing to learn new things and managers their time properly and complete the task with perfection.

On the contrary, man is a social being and cannot do each and every task singly and need others help. Working in a group saves time and assignment work can be done in less time. Working in a team and seeking assistance from each other develops the team spirit and respect for each other.

To conclude, I would say that being self-dependent is more beneficial for the person than to rely on others.

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