Nowadays we can do daily task like shipping, banking and business transaction with meeting people face to face. People can perform everyday tasks without meeting other people. Many people are happy with such advancement is this the positive or negative development.

People can perform everyday tasks without meeting other people

people can perform everyday tasks without meeting other people

Sizeable majority of today’s modern society is amused in doing regular finance for the commercial transaction by not personally visiting the lenders. I vehemently believe such attitude has detrimental consequences which I will be discussing in the ensuing paragraphs.

To commence, the primary and prominent reason is that it leads to wastage of time of both parties as one has to take out time from the busy schedule and visit that place whereas such monetary transits can be carried online by using net banking, account to account transfer by just sitting at home. In addition to this, while doing online transfer one has evidence of actual payments been done the second person cannot deny the receipt of money which is not possible during handing payment face to face.

Beside this, doing day today chases like buying goods, clothes for many more things by travelling to market adds more vehicle on the road which leads to traffic conjunction, problems. Furthermore, the manually transferring money doing business or other transaction cannot be taken in account to tax calculation which leads to theft of tax and counted as black money which in return affect the revenue of nation.

To conclude, I would believe that natives should discourage the practice of doing monetary transaction manually.

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