PTE Reading Practice

PTE Academic Reading Practice Test 8 {Fill In The Blanks}

PTE Academic Reading Practice Test
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PTE Academic Reading Practice Test – Read the passages properly and after reading the passage, attempt to place the words into the passage.

PTE Academic Reading Practice Test 8

PTE Academic Reading Practice Test

PTE Academic Reading Practice Test 8

1. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

{technique, split, findings, fuel, nanosize, contracts, nearly, catalysts}

A (1.) __________ squeeze can significantly boost the performance of platinum (2.) __________ that help generate energy in fuel cells, according to a new study by Harward scientists. The team bonded a platinum catalyst to a thin material that expands and (3.) __________ as electrons move in and out, and found that squeezing the platinum a fraction of a nanometer (4.) __________ doubled its catalytic activity. The (5.) __________ are published in an issue of the journal Science. The new (6.) __________ can be applied to a wide range of clean technologies, Wang said, including (7.) __________ cells that use platinum catalysts to generate energy, and platinum electrolyzers that (8.) __________ water into oxygen and hydrogen fuel.

Answers –
1. nanosize 2. catalysts 3. contracts 4. nearly 5. findings 6. technique 7.fuel 8. split


2. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

{Extrusion, operations, colouring, Colorant, traditional, proprietary}

The new fibre (1.)__________ technology combines ColorMatrix liquid concentrates and (2.)__________ high-pressure metering equipment to enable late-stage colour injection during melt (3.)__________ spin colouring. While (4.)__________ aqueous dyeing can use up to 10 liters of water to color a single kilogram of fiber, spin (5.)__________ uses no water, less energy, and fewer chemicals, PolyOne explains. It also eliminates the secondary treatment (6.)__________ needed to discharge water safely into the environment, the company comments.

Answers –
1. colorant 2. proprietary 3. extrusion 4. traditional 5. colouring 6. operations


3. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

{standard, manufacturers, points, eliminating, seasonal, efficiently, extruder, downstream, change}

Adding liquid colour (1.)__________ minimizes colour contamination, reducing clean out and colour (2.)__________ time. As a result, ColorMatrix Fiber Colorant Solutions will enable (3.)__________ to produce smaller volumes and bespoke colours (4.)__________ to meet the demand for mass customization and (5.)__________ colours in markets such as apparel and footwear. Further, several injections (6.)__________can be added to run multiple colors or additives at the same time on a single (7.)__________ to enhance flexibility, the company reports. In addition, these new solutions allow (8.)__________ white polyester fiber produces with reactor spinning lines to produce colored products in the line, (9.)__________ the need for a secondary aqueous dyeing process.

Answers –
1. downstream 2. manufacturers 3. efficiently 4. seasonal 5. points 6. extruder 7. standard 8. eliminating 9. change


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