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PTE Fill In The Blanks Practice Test 6

PTE Fill In The Blanks
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PTE Fill in the Blanks – Read the passages aloud to properly practice for the real exam. After you have read the passage with the gaps, attempt to place the words into the passage.

PTE Fill in the Blanks Practice

1. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

called, give, somewhere, couple, tonnes, feel, consign, touch

For intubation, we have a tube that has pre-selected for the dog named Richie. There are [1.] __________ of ways of determining the size of the Mattoon for a dog. You can estimate just if you are able to [2.] __________ the trick here that the air pipe and work out roughly what size is it. Sometimes in some dogs, if you hold their head up and have a look at their nose, there’s a fleshy area that sits just down underneath the nostrils and that’s sort of area they can [3.] __________ you a rough idea of the diameter needed for the tube. The more Mathematical way of doing it is getting their weight and dividing their weight by four and then adding four. For example, if a dog is of 30 kilo’s that’s roughly divided by four which results to seven and a half. If we add four that’s [4.] __________ between eleven and twelve.

Check Answer – [1.] couple [2.] feel [3.] give [4.] somewhere


2. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

grant, favor, find, start, dawn, allowed, magnify, catch

These laws are in [1.] __________ of customers and buyers in Australia because the law we will be referring to is the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. There are many clauses and soft clauses that going to [2.] __________ and it is not necessary through all of them. “Clause 18: Misleading And Deceptive Conduct”, You can [3.] __________ it on schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act. Clause 18 is about misleading and deceptive conduct, so it means that in any trade or commercial activity, no one is [4.] __________ to practice any conduct that is misleading or deceptive. Any misleading advertisement is also misleading conduct.

Check Answer – [1.] favor [2.] start [3.] find [4.] allowed


3. Read the text and choose words from the box to fill the gaps.

found, stored, present, need, covered, needed, protected, wish

Hydrosphere is the sphere of water. Our Earth is known as the Blue planet because about 71% of the Earth is [1.] __________ with the water. Water exists in three forms Solids, Liquids, and Gases. The running water is [2.] __________ in Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes while Ice is found in Glaciers and the water vapor is found in the atmosphere. About 97% of the Earth’s water is [3.] __________ in Oceans i.e saline water that cannot be used because that is salty water. So we cannot use it for our daily uses. Now from the rest of the water around 2.5% is there in the form of Glaciers, ice sheets, and underground. So we are left with the only balance of 0.5% of fresh water which is very very minimum. So we all [4.] __________ to learn “Not to waste-water”.

Check Answer – [1.] covered [2.] found [3.] present [4.] need


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