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Global Warming Essay – Climate Change Causes, Effects and Solutions

Global Warming Essay
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Global Warming Essay – What is global warming? Discuss the reasons and effects of this phenomenon. Suggest some solutions to this problem.

Global Warming Essay – Causes And Solutions

Global Warming Essay

Essay on Global Warming

Global warming has become a nightmare for countries throughout the world. A lot of discussion and seminars are held locally and internationally to make the public aware of this menace. Some people blame the industrialized countries for this phenomenon while some others believe the age-old technology of the poor countries is the culprit.

The increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and the oceans are known as global warming. This increase is caused by the increase in the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane. This increase is caused by human activities such as the burning of fossil, deforestation and other industrial activities. This phenomenon has serious consequences. Firstly, the rise in temperature leads to the melting of polar ice which can cause a rise in sea level. As a result, the low lying and coastal regions are in danger of being submerged by sea water.

There are many possible ways to control global warming. First of all, people should reduce the use of cars as much as possible. Instead of fossil fuel, we could use renewable sources like wind and sunlight. Also, logging should be kept under check and steps like forestation and reforestation will help ing controlling the rise in temperature. To combat increasing greenhouse gasses and global warming, there should be combined efforts of all the world nations.

In my opinion, if steps are not taken on a war footing, there will soon be a time when humans will be left with no place to live and no fresh water to drink. Also, natural calamities will play havoc with the lives of people. So, it is high time to restrict the use of fuels which produce greenhouse gases. It is our obligation to move heaven and earth in order to save the earth.

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