Save Water Essay

Save Water Essay
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Save Water Essay

Save Water Essay 300 Words

Water is one of the main sources of survival for everyone who lives on earth. It is the main ingredient of life without which we can never imagine life of any species over this earth. It is said that 70% of earth is covered with water and remaining 30% is covered with other species that includes forests, human beings, insects etc.

The water is called to be as renewable resource of energy however today we are feeling scarcity of water. This is the irony of fate that the whole earth is covered with water still we are getting short of water. Earlier there were small towns and villages that were under the threat of this curse but we can now see that cities are also getting affected by this. Water scarcity is increasing day by day. It is now becoming a global issue. We can feel this water scarcity at every edge of the world now.

Today, we can easily see that people are deprived of water even for daily needs. We can see that govt. is sending water tankers for supply of water to various localities in cities. People are getting water in buckets and bottles and too after standing in lines for hours. However, in small villages the situation is worst where people don’t get waters for number of days. They don’t have water to cook food, to drink and to fulfill their daily needs.  

The scarcity of water is rising due to many reasons. One of the major issues of water scarcity is increasing wastage of water. One can easily see people unnecessarily wasting waters in their daily lives like when they are bathing and leaving their taps open,  washing their cars with excess of waters, by throwing toxic wastes in water sources. On the other hand, increasing industrialization and deforestation are leading to less rain which is also increasing water scarcity at higher level. Even the worst is that ground level of water is also getting reduced due to less rain.

So considering all the above aspects we can say that if we will not start saving water today then the day is not far when we will see people dying in need of water. If there will be no water then I don’t think that any species can live on this earth. We should always focus in doing our bits. Even a small step can lead to big result. Likewise, if we see any tap open we should close that rather then waiting for someone else to come and do. We should take pledge not to waste water. We should focus upon planting more and more trees and keep in mind the slogan “Save Water Save Earth”

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