10 Tips to Write an Essay for ESL Students

About 2 billion people speak English. These numbers are growing rapidly as many people learn English to prepare for exams and find a good job. This has led to the worldwide popularity of ESL.

ESL is an English learning course designed for non-native speakers. It is also called English as a Foreign Language (EFL), English as an additional language (EAL), or English for speakers of other languages ​​(ESOL). It is offered by private boarding schools (Great Britain, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and Spain) to foreign students in order to quickly improve their knowledge of English, which is necessary for the effective mastering of academic subjects. The principle of the study is based on the gradual complication of the material “from simple to complex.”

Studying English using ESL with native speakers guarantees a deep immersion in the language environment for a comprehensive study of the material. Still, students need to write an ESL essay in English and this is a multifunctional task. It is not enough just to know English. You also need to be an erudite person and reasonably reflect on various life topics.

How to Write a Good ESL Essay?

There are undoubtedly several rules that shouldn’t be broken. This primarily concerns the structure, sequence of presentation, and vocabulary. There are also ways to reduce grammatical mistakes. In addition, you should take into account the advice of the native speakers themselves.

By and large, a good essay is like a good story. If you yourself are not interested in what you want to tell, the story will not impress anyone. The story should be personal, even if you come across a topic about the structure of the UK transport system, change the angle of view to write it in the first person and supplement it with examples from personal experience. Firstly, it is easier to write about something concrete than to write about something abstract. Secondly, this kind of thinking sounds natural, you seem to be not passing an exam, but simply arguing about something aloud.

  1. Do your research

Before writing an ESL essay, carefully study the topic that you want to cover in your work. Become an expert on a given topic. This will help reveal the problem in your own words. Look for information on the Internet or go to the library to get more knowledge. At the end of the research phase, you can start writing the essay.

  1. Analyze

After carefully studying the topic and collecting the necessary information, it is worth analyzing your argumentation. Be clear about the statements and write down all the reasons and ideas that you will highlight in the essay. Review papers you’ve read, taking into account all the details. By studying essays written by other people, you will understand how best to write your own.

  1. Break the process of writing an essay into sequential steps

Learn to understand the subject of the essay well. This is extremely important! No matter how great the ESL essay is, you will not get a good result if you move away from the topic. Learn to create the core of the essay and form a couple of opposite opinions on the topic — “agree” and “disagree” with it. Decide on your personal position and state it in an ESL essay. Practice actively! Make arguments, reason, find the information you need, and write it down. Practice writing each part of the essay repeatedly.

  1. Formulate the thesis

Highlight the most basic and vivid idea, developing it as the main idea of ​​an ESL essay. This will be your thesis — the main position that will allow the reader to understand why you have chosen this topic and in what direction you are going to develop it.

  1. Write an outline

Outline your ESL essay in general terms before writing the complete version. Write short sentences that reflect the main message of each paragraph. By the way, bulleted lists will also work well when writing an essay.

  1. Write an introduction

All the essays start with an introduction. It should be interesting and catch the reader’s attention. Readers should have a sense of interest to read your paper to the end.

  1. Go to paragraphs

Build them around your main idea. Start with the main sentence that is somehow connected with the essence of the paragraph. Then show your thoughts by adding arguments. Readers should think that you address your essay exactly to them.

  1. Make a conclusion

This is how to summarize your essay. What do you want to tell a reader? Answer this question clearly in the last part of your ESL essay.

  1. Edit

Now you can start editing your ESL essay. If you borrowed any thoughts, ideas, or phrases from someone else in the process of writing, then put them in quotation marks and quote them properly so that you are not caught in plagiarism.

  1. Check

Reread the ESL essay and correct all the mistakes. Reread it as many times as necessary so that the resulting essay and your thoughts will be presented as you think is correct. After all, a perfectly written essay is the key to an excellent grade for your efforts.

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