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IELTS Topic on Music Essay – Why is music important to many people?

IELTS Topic on Music
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IELTS Topic on Music Essay – People listen to music for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

IELTS Topic on Music

IELTS Topic on Music

IELTS Topic on Music Essay

Music is a vast term employed for something instrumental or vocal which rejuvenates and excites our minds. The concept of music is far beyond the boundaries of definition. Since time immemorial, music is meant for amusing people. Nowadays, music has gained much more popularity than ever before.

In the modern era, the ever increasing popularity of music has resulted in the development of numerous vast music industries which are continuously engaged in developing new traits of music. Pop music is a mixing and overlapping of traditional kinds of music. Rapping can also be considered hybrid music, especially the vocal one super imposed on instrumental music. Pop music with raps is the most popular international music these days. Its success is because of huge appreciation by the audience. This is the basic reason why international music is being heard everywhere nowadays.

Moreover, music is the need of everyone. It has become an essential part of everyone’s life. We need music to relieve our tensions and burdens away from our lives. This power music to touch ones feelings is evident from the fact that for every occasion which requires a shift in ones feelings or emotions, like birth, death, war, or marriage, music is lif of an essential accompaniment.

In a nutshell, music is indispensable part of one’s life because of its ability to alter ones emotion and mood. While one music has the power to take a person to the zenith of happiness, another music can take the same person to the depth of mental agony, and a third music can calm the person down. Thus, music retains its position in the minds of most people.

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