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Brain Drain Essay – Discuss the reasons of Brain-drain. Describe its effects

Brain Drain Essay – Discuss the reasons of┬áBrain-drain. Describe its effects on their host and motherland.

Brain Drain Essay

Brain Drain Essay

Brain Drain Essay

The term brain drain has recently come into use for describing the flight of talent from one country to another. This ongoing phenomena has been happening from past to present. They always need better jobs and freedom to preserve their very lives.

The migrants give a lot of contributions to the recipient country. They help reduce labor shortages for skilled personal and also attract international traders through their foreign knowledge and language skills. Migrants also bring new skills and experience. Skilled migrants do not add any cost to the government in education or training because most migrants come in their youth. Also, they pay taxes which will help sustain the aged population. The effects of brain drain help the host country achieve a sustainable economic development.

The movement of skilled personnel can have a harmful effect on the donor countries, especially in the developing countries. The emigration deprives the home country of the skilled manpower that they need. Even though they assist their country of origin through bank deposits and investments, their contributions are limited. Their migrated country gets more benefits while the home country spends a lot of money for their development. Every country has its own responsibility to provide enough facility to excellent personalities if they need their service.

The donor countries have hardly any right to complain to brain drain because they are not able to assure better facilities, better living conditions and utilisation of their talent in the country of their birth. Actually, the experts can be forced to leave their country because of inadequacies and lack of opportunities.

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