Foreign languages should begin from kindergarten age essay – Most of the new smart schools today have introduced a foreign language as a part of Curriculum. People think foreign language introduction should begin in kindergarten. Discuss.

Foreign languages should begin from kindergarten age essay

Foreign languages should begin from kindergarten age essay

Essay on Foreign Languages Should Begin from Kindergarten Age

A strata of masses conduct that learning of such language must initiate from the elementary level while other frowns over it. Both the views will be discussed in the ensuing paragraph.

To commence with, the world is globalising and locals are migrating to other countries either for job opportunities or better lifestyle and learning secondary tongue become essential. It is easier to guide the kids to learn vernaculars at a formative age and they can easily grasp it. Moreover, being bilingual increase the intellectual level of kids and gives them exposure. Learning different tongue other than mother tongue helps the individual to easily communicate with foreigners while travelling to different regions.

A case in point, a study conducted by Oxford University reveals that the brain of a biological child is more developed than that of monolingual kid. The learning rate of biological is 70 % more than that of a kid knowing a single language.

On the other side, there are few determiners impact on commencing global language in early schooling of kids. Firstly, it overburdens the little ones as they are still in the learning phase of their mother tongue and introducing other languages at this stage surely confuse them and affect their brain. In addition to this, it feels depressed if they do not perform well in that subject. Case in point, conducted by Howard University revealed that kids face issues while learning two languages and cannot learn any of them completely and end up mixing both vernaculars.

On balance, the introduction of foreign language in foundational schools has the bright side as well as the dark side. The learning of foreign language should be their academic curriculum but it need not be marked as compulsory subject and tutors should monitor the process of kids strictly.

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