Some people think it is beneficial for young children to go to nursery before primary school others, however, think this is the time to enjoy family’s love before going school.¬†Should children go to nursery school prior to their primary studies.¬†Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Essay – Should children go to nursery school prior to their primary studies

should children go to nursery school prior to their primary studies

IELTS Essay – Should Children go to Nursery School Prior to their Primary Studies

A Strata of masses believe that it is fruitful for kids to go to elementary school prior to join graded school while other vehemently opposite by holding an opinion that its engage to spend most of the time with their elders. It will be presenting both sides in the subsequent paragraphs and my inclination is towards the importance of school at an early age.

To commence with, the competition “I” in every field is increasing day by day to survive in today’s competitive world toddlers should begin their studies at an early age. In kindergarten, they learn the basics like alphabets, numbers, poems which prepare them for their own school and they can perform excellently in their academic. In addition to this, tiny tots learn the essential school etiquettes like sitting for long hours at one place which make them familiar with classroom culture.

On contrary, offsprings are too small to handle the burden of studies and instead of sending them to play school, they need to spend this time with their parents. Childhood is the best stage of everyone’s life and child behaviour can be moulded to make them better human. By spending with elders they learn the family culture, moral values and get attached to them. As they grow and start going in an educational institute, they don’t get much time to mingle with their guardians.

On balance, both sides have their own significance but I have an opinion that but given need to spend their words to preschool for preparing them for formulating education.

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