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Teenage the best time of life IELTS Essay with Answer

teenage the best time of life ielts essay
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Teenage the best time of life IELTS Essay – Some people think that the teenage years are the happiest times of most people’s lives. Others think that adult life brings more happiness in spite of greater responsibilities. Discuss the views and give your own opinion.

Teenage the best time of life IELTS Essay

teenage the best time of life ielts essay

IELTS Essay Teenage the Best Time of Life

Strata of masses contend that the formative age is the most enjoyable stage while others vehemently opposite the notion and believe that adulthood as ensuring despite challenges duties one get assigned. It is imperative to discuss both the views Before any conclusion can be drawn. I shall analyse both the stages and my inclination is more towards childhood.

To commence, during the adolescent age the individual is fully dependent on the parents. They need not worry about their expenses as all this is taken care of by the elders. Moreover, their sole responsibility is to excel in their academics. They preferably enjoy to fullest in various phases of life. Furthermore, they can learn life cells by taking the calculative risk as they know they have family who can take care of them if something went wrong. The young age is less stressful as compared to birth givers.

On the contrary parenthood stage of life brings myriad of responsibilities and they are delighted to have them. Firstly they are in charge of their own lives and can take decisions independently and can stress themselves. They can live life as per their own conditions. Secondly, they become financially self-reliant and nurture to wisely manage their expenses as well as of their loved ones which gives them a sense of satisfaction and pride.

On balance, both faces of life undoubtedly important with ups and downs swings. My inclination is towards the adulthood benefit which brings conscious happiness along with responsibilities, major roles to be played.

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