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Fill In The Blanks In Words Reading And Writing Questions With Answers

Fill In The Blanks In Words
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Fill In The Blanks In Words – In the text below some words are missing. Choose the correct word to fill each blank from the box below. There are more words than you need to complete the exercise.

Fill In The Blanks In Words Practice Questions

Fill In The Blanks In Words

Fill In The Blanks In Words (Questions and Answers)

Question 1 – PTE Fill in the Blanks in Words Practice

spring, larger, daytime, over, differences, cancelled, generally, seasonal, previously, recorded, studies

The scientists (1)__________ movement above radar sites in southern England and found seasonal (2)__________, with mass migrations of insects (3)__________ going northwards in (4)__________ and southwards in autumn.

Until now, radar (5)__________ have measured migrations of relatively few nocturnal species of agricultural pets, and no study (6)__________ examined the vest numbers of (7)__________ migrants.

The study found (8)__________ variations from year to year, but overall the net northward spring movements of (9)__________ insects were almost exactly (10)__________ out by net southward movements in autumn (11)__________ the 10 year research period.

Answers – 1. recorded 2. differences 3. generally 4. spring 5. studies 6. previously 7. daytime 8. seasonal 9. larger 10. cancelled 11. over


Question 2 – PTE Fill in the Blanks in Words Practice

opportunity, images, beauty, amateur, filmed, bay, uncrowded, breathtaking, motion, lush

The South Coast of Puerto Vallarta gives both (1)__________ and professional photographers the (2)__________ to take photos that capture all of the (3)__________ scenery that Mexico’s Pacific Coast has to offer. It was here, in the small (4)__________ side village of Mismaloya, that John Huston (5)__________ the movie “Night of the Iguana,” which put Puerto Vallarta on the map in 1963. Since then, Hollywood directors have used the Sierra Madre’s (6)__________ jungles, and Banderas Bay’s quaint fishing villages and (7)__________ beaches as backdrops for major (8)__________ pictures. Many well-known movies have been filmed in this area including “Predator” and “Revenge.” We hope that you enjoy the photographic (9)__________ in our photo galleries, and the natural (10)__________ of Vallarta, which has attracted Hollywood film makers for many years.

Answers – 1. amateur 2. opportunity 3. breathtaking 4. bay 5. filmed 6. lush 7. uncrowded 8. motion 9. images 10. beauty

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