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Fill Ups In English Questions Example – Practice Test 23

Fill Ups In English
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Fill Ups in English – Fill the gaps with appropriate/suitable words to complete the paragraph or article.

Fill Ups in English – Practice Sample Exercises

Fill Ups In English

Fill Ups In English


industrialized, methodology, numerous, uncertainty, reliable, probability, predict

The team developed a new method to (1)__________ longevity, similar to the methods used for weather forecasting, which takes into account (2)__________ different models for forecasting mortality and life expectancy. All the predictions in the study come with some (3)__________ range. For instance, there is a 90 percent that life expectatncy for South Korean women in 2050 will be higher than 86.7 years, and a 57 percent (4)__________ that it will be higher than 90 years. The researchers chose the 37 (5)__________ countries in the study as they all had (6)__________ data on deaths since at least 1984. The team then used this data, together with their new (7)__________ to predict life expectancy to 2050.

Answers – 1. predict 2. numerous 3. uncertainty 4. probability 5. industrialized 6. reliable 7. methodology



optical, tracking, reversible, demonstrated, applied

Tiny carbon dots have, for the first time, been (1)__________ to intracellular imaging and (2)__________ of drug delivery involving various (3)__________ and vibrational spectroscopic-based techniques such as fluorescence, Raman, and hyperspectral imaging. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have (4)__________, for the first time, that photo luminescent carbon nanoparticles can exhibit (5)__________ switching of their optical properties in cancer cells.

Answers – 1. applied 2. tracking 3. optical 4. demonstrated 5. reversible


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