PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks

PTE Fill In The Blanks Practice – Reading Test 20

PTE Fill In The Blanks PracticePTE Fill In The Blanks Practice
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PTE Fill In The Blanks Practice – In the text below some words are missing. Choose the correct word to fill each blank from the box below. There are more words than you need to complete the exercise.

PTE Fill In The Blanks Practice Sample

PTE Fill In The Blanks PracticePTE Fill In The Blanks Practice

PTE Fill In The Blanks Practice

Question 1 – PTE Fill in the Blanks Practice Example 

toll, wreaking, factories, plankton, smokestacks, millennia, ascent, diets, blooms, threatened

China’s rapid (1)__________to global economic superpower is taking a (2)__________ on some of its ancient ways. For (3)__________, people have patterned their lives and (4)__________ around the vast fisheries of the East China Sea, but now those waters are increasingly (5)__________ by human-caused, harmful algal (6)__________ that choke off vital fish populations. There has been massive growth in emissions from China’s (7)__________ and cars over the past few decades, and what comes out of the (8)__________ and tailpipes tends to be richer in nitrogen than phosphorus. Certain aquatic plants and (9)__________ thrive on the extra nutrients, for instance, crowding out others and (10)__________ have among ocean- dwelling species’ normal ratios.

Answers – 1. ascent 2. toll 3. millennia 4. diets 5. threatened 6. blooms 7. factories 8. smokestacks 9. plankton 10. wreaking


Question 2 – PTE Fill in the Blanks Practice Example 

specialized, movements, contibutes, depart, surpasses, travel, region, phenomena

A decade of monitoring aerial insect migration reveals that trillions of individuals (1)__________ above us each year. Migration (2)__________ greatly to seasonal exchanges of biomass and nutrients across the Earth’s surface; however, even though insect migration (3)__________ all other aerial migratory (4)__________ in terms of sheer abundance, it remains largely unquantified.

For the first time, scientists have measured the (5)__________ of high-flying insects in the skies over southern England – and found that about 3.5 trillion migrate over the (6)__________ every year.

This movement of 3,200 tons of biomass, captured by university of Exeter and Rothamsted Reaserch using (7)__________ radar technique, is more than seven times the mass of the 30 million songbirds which (8)__________ the UK for Africa each autumn.

Answers – 1. travel 2. contributes 3. surpasses 4. phenomena 5. movements 6. region 7. specialized 8. depart

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