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PTE Reading Practice Test 22 – Fill In The Blanks In English

Fill In The Blanks In English
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Fill In The Blanks In English – Fill the gaps with appropriate/suitable words to complete the paragraph or article.

Fill In The Blanks In English With Answers

Fill In The Blanks In English

Fill In The Blanks In English

Question 1 – PTE Fill in the Blanks in English

possibility, thrilling, quoted, triumphant, promised, contests, future, franchise, played

The National Basketball Association made a (1)__________ return to Mexico city with a pair of (2)__________ regular season games over the weekend, and some thrilling plans on the (3)__________ of NBA in mexico. Marking the 25th anniversary of the first year games (4)__________ in Mexico, NBA commissioner Adam Silver (5)__________ Mexican fans to expect even more (6)__________ in Latin America and even hinted at the (7)__________ of adding a franchise, as well as a Development League team in the country. “In rerms of a (8)__________ in Mexico city, it’s something that we’re going to look at,” the 54 year old commissioner was (9)__________ as saying in an ESPN report.

Answers – 1. triumphant 2. thrilling 3. future 4. played 5. promised 6. contests 7. possibility 8. franchise 9. quoted


Question 2 – PTE Fill in the Blanks in English

sunset, fresh, once, arrived, attempts, cooled, recovery, warmer, increased, especially

At the time of the collapse, molasses stored in the tank was likely (1)__________ than the surrounding air by about 5 degrees Celsius. A (2)__________ shipment of molasses had (3)__________ from the Caribbean to top off the tank only two days prior, and it hadn’t fully (4)__________ to Boston winter temperatures. (5)__________ the tank split and the molasses spilled over the waterfront, through, it would have colled more rapidly, (6)__________, in the dropping temperatures after the (7)__________. The viscosity of the molasses would have been then (8)__________ dramatically with this cooling, complicating attempts to rescue victims and to begin (9)__________ and cleanup.

Answers – 1. warmer 2. fresh 3. arrived 4. cooled 5. once 6. especially 7. sunset 8. increased 9. recovery

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