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Reading And Writing Fill Ups – PTE Academic Practice Test Sample 26

Reading And Writing Fill Ups PTE
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Reading And Writing Fill Ups – Solve each question in 2 minutes. The answer will follow after each question.

Reading And Writing Fill Ups

Reading And Writing Fill Ups PTE

Reading And Writing Fill Ups Questions

QUESTIONS – Reading And Writing Fill Ups Practice

1. Posters of the local rock band were displayed in store windows to promote the sale of their __________ tickets.
(A) journey (B) traffic (C) concert (D) record

2. Maria didn’t want to deliver the bad news to David about his failing the job interview. She herself was quite __________ about it.
(A) awful (B) drowsy (C) tragic (D) upset

3. The newcomer speaks with a strong Irish __________; he must be from Ireland.
(A) accent (B) identity (C) gratitude (D) signature

4. Although Maggie has been physically __________ to her wheelchair since the car accident, she does not limit herself to indoor activities.
(A) ceased (B) committed (C) confined (D) conveyed

5. All passengers riding in cars are required to fasten their seatbelts in order to reduce the risk of __________ in case of an accident.
(A) injury (B) offense (C) sacrifice (D) victim

Answers – 1. concert 2. upset 3. accent 4. confined (Being in captivity) 5. injury


QUESTION 2 – Reading And Writing Fill Ups Practice

1. The principal of this school is a man of exceptional __________. He sets aside a part of his salary for a scholarship fund for children from needy families.
(A) security (B) maturity (C) facility (D) generosity

2. The science teacher always __________ the use of the laboratory equipment before she lets her students use it on their own.
(A) tolerates (B) associates (C) demonstrates (D) exaggerates

3. Most of the area is covered by woods, where bird species are so __________ that it is a paradise for bird watchers.
(A) durable (B) private (C) realistic (D) numerous

4. In most cases, the committee members can reach agreement quickly. __________, however, they differ greatly in opinion and have a hard time making decisions.
(A) Occasionally (B) Automatically (C) Enormously (D) Innocently

5. Many people try to save a lot of money before __________, since having enough money would give them a sense of security for their future.
(A) isolation (B) promotion (C) retirement (D) announcement

Answers – 1. generosity 2. demonstrates 3. numerous 4. occasionally 5. retirement

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