PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks

Reading Fill In The Blanks Exercises – Practice Test 19

Reading Fill In The Blanks Exercises
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Reading Fill In The Blanks Exercises – In the text below some words are missing. Choose the correct word to fill each blank from the box below. There are more words than you need to complete the exercise.

Reading Fill In The Blanks Exercises

Reading Fill In The Blanks Exercises

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Exercises

Question 1 – Fill in the Blanks Exercise 

readily, body, disaster, integrative, source, paramount, using, power, underdeveloped

It would take millions of paper batteries to power a common 40-watt light bulb, but on the battlefield or in a (1)__________ situation, usability and portability is (2)__________.
There is enough power to run biosensors (3)__________ a paper battery that monitors glucose levels in diabetes patients, detect pathogens in a (4)__________ or perform other life-saving functions.

“Among many flexible and (5)__________ paper-based batteries with a large upside, paper-based microbial fuel cell technology is arguably the most (6)__________.

Scientists are excited about this because microorganisms can harvest electrical (7)__________ from any type of biodegradable source, like wastewater, that is (8)__________ available. I believe this type of paper biobattery can be a future power (9)__________ for papertronics.

Answers – 1. disaster 2. paramount 3. using 4. body 5. integrative 6. underdeveloped 7. power 8. readily 9. source


Question 2 – Fill in the Blanks Exercise 

resemblance, diverse, naked, grains, detail, looking, perceive, intriguingly, evidence, spectacularly

Modern humans are, however, unlikely to (1)__________ much by way of a family (2)__________. Early microbes were about a millimetre in size , and probably lived between (3)__________ of sand on the seabed. Its features were (4)__________ preserved in the fossil record and (5)__________, the researchers were unable to find any (6)__________ that the animal had an anus. An early development amy represent the primitive beginnings of a very (7)__________ range of species, including ourselves. To the (8)__________, the fossils we studied look like tiny black grains, but under the microscopic the level of (9)__________ is jaw-dropping. All living things had a common ancestor, and we think that is what we are (10)__________ at here.

Answers – 1. perceive 2. resemblance 3. grains 4. spectacularly 5. initriguingly 6. evidence 7. diverse 8. naked 9. detail 10. looking

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