PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks

Pearson Fill In The Blanks Reading Practice Test 18

Pearson Fill In The Blanks Reading
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Pearson Fill In The Blanks – In the text below some words are missing. Choose the correct word to fill each blank from the box below. There are more words than you need to complete the exercise.

Pearson Fill In The Blanks Practice

Pearson Fill In The Blanks Reading

Pearson Fill In The Blanks Reading Practice

Question 1 – Pearson Fill In The Blanks Practice Sample

consideration, avoid, allowance, scheme, treatment, includes, allows, ensure

Employers often offer employees perks in addition to cash wages, for example, membership of a health insurance or company pension (1)__________ if they do, they must (2)__________ that they are fair in providing these benefits in order to (3)__________ discrimination. For instance, if an employer (4)__________ an entitlement to low-interest loans in male, but not female, employees’ contracts, the female employees could take the employer to court on the basis of unequal (5)__________.

Answers – 1.Scheme 2. Ensure 3. Avoid 4. Includes 5. Treatment


Question 2 – Pearson Fill In The Blanks Practice Sample

rabies, ranchers, feeding, vampire, triggered, activated, mammals, proportion, pose, feral

In Brazil’s Atlantic Forest biome, about 1.4% of (1)__________ bats are infected with rabies. The (2)__________ may be as high as 10% in the Peruvian Amazon. Transmission of (3)__________ by vampire bats is a major concern for (4)__________ in Brazil, even in areas where cattle are routinely vaccinated. Wild animals, including (5)__________ pigs, are not vaccinated and may therefore (6)__________ a serious threat by spreading this disease. The researchers have used camera traps to monitor (7)__________ in the Brazilian forest and Atlantic Forest for the past 12 years. There are remotely (8)__________ infrared cameras that film at night when (9)__________ by sensors that detect the presence of an animal. After checking 10,529 photos and videos with several examples of vampire bats (10)__________ on feral pigs, cattle, tapirs, and red brocket deer, the researchers selected 158 independent events in the forest, and 87 events in the Atlantic Forest.

Answers – 1. vampire 2. proportion 3. rabies 4. ranchers 5. feral 6. pose 7. mammals 8. activated 9. triggered 10. feeding

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