Handsome Boy

Handsome Boy
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Our topic for the day is a handsome boy or we can say male grooming 101 especially for guys in India. There are a lot of male grooming articles around but not really for the average young guy. This topic is related to the issues like acne, issues like oily skin, issues like scruffy hair, issues like high humidity in various countries. Today we are going to discuss top 10 easy tips when it comes to basic male grooming for the everyday guy.

No high-end fancy products involved, no fancy techniques involved just everyday things in order to look handsome boy. Basically, you need to look clean and tidy. A lot of guys think that looking handsome is just about your looks what you’re born with. But in our opinion, it includes looking handsome boils down to how neat and tidy you look. If you want to impress ladies, if you want to look attractive to the average women it’s all about looking clean like you’ve had a bath. So let’s start with how you can look like a handsome boy.

Handsome Boy

Learn Tips and Look Handsome and Attractive Always

Tips on Handsome Boy


Haircut effect your face structure but more importantly they affect how stuffy you look. Especially if you got rough hair that’s most common. It is not a great idea to grow out your hair. Unless you got silky smooth hair that you can manage and take care. But if you want to look neat and classy at the same time go for the golden haircut. It has slightly long top and a slightly short side.

Think of most good looking athletes Virat Kohli, Cristiano Ronaldo, Olivier Giroud, Robin Van Persie they all follow this protocols with a different ratio. What do we mean by ratios – someone will go for slightly longer tops and short sides, some people go for slightly longer sides and not such long tops, but at the end of the day, it’s basic blueprint. You need to choose the haircut that suits your face structure perfectly. Remember women associate cleanliness with looking good.

Facial Hair

Our second point is about facial hair. To look, handsome boy, you need to take care of your facial hair. Facial hair is something that a lot of young dudes do wrong especially. There are only three ways of doing that –

Firstly, either you grow out your beard entirely and then take care of it.

Secondly, you can choose to stylise your beard go for a goatee go for a soul patch. But whatever happens, don’t ever go for a moustache especially if you are a young guy. You might think it will make you look older but in truth, you just look like a child molester. If you think about moustaches, in our opinion it is historic in today’s world. The safer way of going things, an evergreen way of doing things is going clean – shaven. Remember today’s topic is to look like a handsome boy and nothing says clean and tidy like being cleanly shaven. Quick shaving tip – Getting a good quality piece of shaving gear is very crucial. It will help you every time when you are in hurry.

Secondary Facial Hair

We are talking about secondary facial hair. What do we mean about that, so you got your primary facial on your moustache or beard. But there is also secondary facial hair that a lot of people notice especially if you’ve not taken care of it. Namely, on ‘ears’ a lot of people get hair growing out of the ears and once again you can use your regular razor to shave all of it off.
Secondly, we’re talking about nose hair the solution is to take a super narrow super sharp pair of small scissors and go and just trim it off.

Thirdly very important keep in mind this not at all girly. Stop telling yourself that but every single guy should own a pair of tweezers.

Basic Skin Care

You need to take off your facial hair i.e secondary facial hair but now its time to actually take care of your face. How do you go from being looking sleepy to looking slightly fresher. Your first weapon is a basic face wash. Basic mild face wash just helps in getting rid of all the oil. If oil accumulates on your skin that’s what increases the total amount of pimples you will get. Remember if you are a young guy or you in your teens if you are in your early 20’s. You need to wash your face twice a day in the morning right after you get up and at night one or two hours before bedtime. It will help you to reduce or prevent your acne.

What if you are going to an office meeting or what if you’re going to a party. We definitely know you want to take neatness level every further that why we need to discuss next tip to look how handsome boy looks.

Bonus Skin Care

As more guys have an oily skin you need to use moisturizer every day. Using too much of this actually blocks your pores and causes even more acne. Remember at the end of the day just like fitness you have to figure out your own skincare routine. But a bonus skincare routine is only to be used on occasion like if you are going to a party or an important meeting and you don’t want to look oily and grungy. Basic moisturizer or baby powder. The moisturizer moisturizes rehydrate your skin and let you know about the baby powder.

Now why we are going for baby powder and not regular talcum powder because the baby powder has very fine granules. The granules aren’t coarse and they don’t block your pores. Remember too much of baby powder can definitely hurt you as well but once in a while if you’re just trying to look a little extra neat.

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Hands and Feet

Being handsome boy outside of just your face. Why do we say that because four guys a woman who’s pretty it’s primarily about her face. But for girls, it’s more about cleanliness tidiness. One of the ways women gauge cleanliness is by looking at your feet and by looking at your hand. You don’t really need to concentrate on your feet because if you go for a party you’re not really exposing your feet. But your hands, on the other hand, are always exposed. So what you want to do – it’s very simple. You just need your nails short that’s it. Remember this kind of little rules were keeping your nails short removing the dirt from inside your nails, filing your nails are very crucial in your long team game when it comes to looking handsome.

Dress Well

If you want to impress a girl you need to dress well. Here are a few tips on how you can dress well. Find the right style that makes you look good and try to shop wisely. Look out for accessory when every you shop. Accessory help you look different than others. You should wear clothing and accessories that are appropriate for your age.


It is not really about your physical boy but more about the perception of handsome. Men’s fragrances – why are men’s fragrance and the smell is such a big factor in looking handsome. Primarily because women associate you with the way you smell. So especially in first encounters. first impressions you need to go in with a few perfumes sprayed on your self.


Exercise makes you even more handsome. Here is how can exercise help improve your bonding. In the recent research, girls attract towards guys who look physically handsome. Physically fit guy get more options than normal guys. Good body posture will even help you get a much better response.

In Conclusion

If you want to look handsome you should work on these handsome boy tips. This article will help you to look handsome all the time. Work on all the tips and add it to your daily routine.

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