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High Road Toll is Robbing our Society – Essay Writing

High Road Toll is Robbing our Society
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The high road toll is robbing our society of many people who could otherwise be leading useful and productive lives. How can society protest itself from these losses?

High Road Toll is Robbing our Society Essay

High Road Toll is Robbing our Society

High Road Toll is Robbing our Society Essay

Every day we see newspaper and television reports which give details of road accidents. The loss of human life and the pain of the victim’s injuries sadden us but we tend to forget the terrible cost of society of these events. It seems that many of these accidents are the result of human error, and hence, are preventable.

It is rightly said that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Firstly, care should be given on vehicle roadworthiness and road condition. Well-built roads are a necessity to reduce accidents. Roads without blind corners or potholes, with excellent road signs and proper intersections, can reduce the risks to both motorist and pedestrian. Often, pedestrians are hurt on the roads. City roads should have enough well-marked pedestrian crossings so that people are not forced to wander across the road. These should be separate tracks for cyclists and motorists. It becomes fatal when a cyclist moves toward the center of the road and into the path of cars due to rough edges of roads which makes bicycling difficult.

Other important safety measures include seat belt, baby’s safety seat and airbag. Helmets help protect cyclists and motorcyclists. Yet another factor is lack of stringent rules or poor implementation of those rules. Strict enforcement of rules can be effective in reducing road tolls.

As a whole, it seems that most accidents are the results of ignorance or negligence. Good road design and well-planned safety devices will only work of people use them properly. Hence there is also the need for stringent laws and education.

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