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PTE Read Aloud Practice Sample 2

PTE Read Aloud
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PTE Read Aloud Practice Questions – Look at the given text and you must read the text as naturally and clearly as possible in 35 seconds. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.

A text appears on the screen. Read the text aloud.

Skills assessed
Reading and speaking

Prompt length
Text up to 60 words

Time to answer
Varies by item, depending on the length of the text.

PTE Read Aloud Samples

# PTE Read Aloud Practice Question 1.

Do not run from a predator or you will trigger its predatory instincts to kill you because running means your weak and scared. He was careless and forgot about this. Any lion or bear regardless of how friendly they are will of done this. If you run even your own dog may instinctively chase you. You stand up to that lion and he’ll re-evaluate and probably decide your his friend or a fight isn’t worth it.

# PTE Read Aloud Practice Question 2.

SFU’s Library Search searches many databases at once so it’s a great place to start when looking for articles. Enter the topic and click search. The results page will have a section called Journal Articles. To view more articles, click on see all results at the bottom of the section. Now we can see all of the results from our search.

# PTE Read Aloud Practice Question 3.

We are looking at positive words for good emotions and some negative words for not so happy emotions. Most people are going to use “happy” and “sad”, those are probably the first words you learn when you want to describe emotions, but sometimes I hear people talking and having a conversation. They just keep using the same “happy” and “sad”. There’s no variation.

# PTE Read Aloud Practice Question 4.

I think “walking on air” and “happy bunny” might be linked to skipping; you know when children (or sometimes, adults) are happy, they skip. When we skip, our feet are off the ground. The bunnies tend to leap, so their feet are off the ground too. I see a potential link there.

# PTE Read Aloud Practice Question 5.

I am of the opinion that decentralized projects are better. Less chance that there will be subjective influence from outside. A good example of decentralization is the TOKENGO tokenization business platform. The project itself has already passed for 3000 ETH. And structure and functional are not subject to any influence. Safety at the height.

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