PTE Summarize Written Text

Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample 6

Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample 6
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In this article, we provide quality Summarize Written Text PTE Questions with Answers. In this question type, you are given a passage to read. Then you have to summarize the passage in one sentence comprising 30-40 (not more than 75) words in 10 minutes. 

Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample

Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample 6

Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample 6

# Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample 1. 

As we have already seen, the America economy is increasingly global and effects of a downturn in one area of the world can immediately affect the value of American stocks at home. Throughout the first half of the year, it was widely speculated that Federal from creeping in. By late September though, he was coming under increasing pressure to lower interest rates to fend off deflationary pressures. What happened?

As economic trouble spots flare up around the globe, the earning estimates of American firms who do business abroad begin to flatten. Without these international consumers to buy their products, there are fewer sales, which means that inventories pile up. When there is more supply than demand, the price goes down. The lower price would normally cause demand to pick up, but in an uncertain economy, people tend to postpone purchases. We see this tendency in the American economy with computer products where consumers believe that the price will go down if they wait another six months,, so they decide to hold off. This tendency causes further gluts in the market, which eventually leads manufacturers to slow production. They lay off workers, causing domestic consumption to fall further since there is less money to buy goods. These effects ripple throughout the economy and create a deflationary spiral that can lead to a recession or even a depression.

Sample Answer –

The American economy is largely affected by global economic environment as if there are less foreign consumers, there will be eventually influenced on domestic income and consumption, which is a vicious downward spiral that will lead to economic depression.

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# Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample 2.

I have a question to ask? My first question is – What are the qualities you as youngsters, you think and you need to know before you turn thirty? Which are the very important qualities, I will give you the researched answer. What is the research saying that you need to know before you turn thirty because you are at the very important age of learning.

There are two brilliant stages of learning – one is early childhood which is up to the age of fourteen. After that is the second stage which is adolescence and above (up to the age of thirty). What are the qualities you think you need to have before you complete the age of thirty or before you touch thirty? So you got years to go, I want to think and answer those questions and then I will give you the researched answers which are helpful to you. I know many of you don’t know answers to these questions. This is the only reason “Why I liked this question”. When I studied this, I realized that even I don’t understand the answers to these which are in fact wonderful.

So number one – Before you turn thirty and what you have to start doing now is coping with uncertainty. one of you said this and that’s why class clapped it. All of you need to understand that how do you cope with uncertainty.


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