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Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Sample 9

Summarize Written Text PTE
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For this Summarize Written Text question item type, you need to write a summary of the text in one sentence. You have 10 minutes to write your summary. Make sure to include the main points of the reading passage in a full, single sentence of no more than 75 words.

Summarize Written Text PTE Writing Practice

Summarize Written Text PTE

Pearson Academic – Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Test 9

# Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Question 1 – 

By a miraculous process which we still do not fully understand, children know all about the correct order of the various parts of speech in a sentence. They never heard of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and articles but they instinctively know what follows what. Alomost all of them learn the rules for ordering the words without one lesson. They know that “was” is not likely to follow “the”.

They also know that the sentence doesn’t make sense. You are much more likely to get an ‘error’ of wall substituted for waterfall because it is a possible (and more likely) alternative. In this case, the child has also chosen a word that starts with the same letter.

Usually, the child is not guessing when they read a word incorrectly. They are using a large number of clues to figure out the most likely alternative. They are making approximations. The child who read was far waterfall was using the strategy of the sound of the first letter but was not making use either of meaning or grammatical cues.

This is useful information for the adult who is listening. This child was not reading for meaning. So they were not reading to all. Reading is not pronouncing words. I could probably pronounce most words in an instruction book for servicing a phantom jet. But I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what it was all about.

No matter what the age – if your child is not understanding what they are reading, they are not reading. So abandon ship. Find something that they can understand and start with easier or more interesting material.

Sample Answer – 

Children, knowing naturally the correct order of different parts in a sentence, tend to substitute a word they do not know with a possible alternative using strategies like choosing a word with the same first letter, which renders reading meaningless, so it is better to change the material to something that they can understand or enjoy.

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Summarize Written Text PTE Writing

# Summarize Written Text PTE Practice Question 2 –

Today we are answering the question “what is customer service and why it is important the seven essentials to excellent customer service”. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you know how frustrating it can be when clients are not happy with your product or service, whether or not it’s you or your company fault. Especially like the websites like Yelp and Angie’s list. Google reviews customer service is more important than ever to get right. It can literally crush your business if you screw it up.

Within minutes hundreds, thousands or even millions of prospective customers can see your company’s bad reviews. That’s heavy on the flip side, they can also see your good reviews which is what we’ll focus on today providing excellent customer service. That will exceed client expectations, give you loyal customers with repeat business and eventually increase your revenues and grow your business.

In this article, we are going to highlight seven essential elements to excellent customer service that will build that loyalty and repeat customers for you and your brand. You can do this by putting these essentials to work in your business today. So let’s get started.

1. Be aware of the three things every customer wants.
2. SEC – Smile, Eye Contact, and Comment.
3. Listen to the customer.
4. Empathize with your customers.
5. Create solutions for your client’s issues.
6. Clarify the solution with the client.
7. Follow up with all of your customers.

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