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Work Life Balance PTE Essay Writing Topic

Work Life Balance PTE Essay Writing Topic: Nowadays, People Spend Too Much Time At Work To The Extent That They Hardly Have Time For Their Personal Life. Discuss.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Make sure to write a minimum of 200 words, but no more than 300 words.

Work Life Balance PTE Essay Writing Topic

In this fast pacing world where everything is so competitive, people have forgotten about themselves. Long working hours, meetings, traveling everything else has taken its place but social life. Since everything is evolving so quickly, people have to acquire right knowledge and skills to adapt this change. Because of which, we give way too much time to our professional life than personal life in order to survive.

Everything around is changing with the augmentation of technology. We as humans are obliged to learn this technology so we are not left behind in our careers. Though of course, this adaption to new technologies and skills give us financial independence other than success in our careers. Everybody dreams of living higher standards. To meet these needs, people work very hard at work. Despite the fact that they are spending a lot of time at work. Since we want to have a better future, we end up compromising our personal lives.

We all are aware that we are working so hard so that we can have a great social life but this is so contradictory that none of us is actually having any social life because of our work. There should always be a coordinated balance between professional and personal life. Social life is as important as career or money. We should not do overdo either at work front or personal front. Overtime at work can cause a lot of problems such as stress, anxiety and more.

We must maintain a balance between these two. Work hard but give time to family members as well. Plan vacation after 6 months or go for movies or dinners on weekends. These tiny little things can prove to be refreshing as well.

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