10 Lines

10 Lines on My Teacher in English

10 Lines on My Teacher
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10 Lines on My Teacher in English for exam Today we are going to share 10 Lines on My Teacher in English for Kids and students of classes UKG, LKG, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8th in 100 and 200 words. This is the best information one can write a line on my teacher.

10 Lines on My Teacher

10 Lines on My Teacher

My favorite Teacher Essay 20 lines

Ms. Ravina Kumari is my favorite teacher in the school.

She is my English teacher and also my class teacher.

She is the best teacher in our school.

She is well educated and highly qualified.

She teaches us very well.

She is very caring and a concerned teacher.

She is a very experienced teacher.

She has been teaching in our school for eight years.

She is a very hardworking and responsible lady.

Her teaching skills are very good.

She is very punctual and also encourages us to be the same.

She is very popular among students and other teachers because of her friendly nature.

She is always well dressed and well mannered.

She never shouts at us and teaches us very calmly.

She is a very patient, polite and kind lady.

She is very helpful and never fails to clear our doubts.

She solves our problems in the best way possible.

She always motivates us to ask questions in class.

No one feels boring in her class as she teaches us in a very fun and a creative way.

She is a very good teacher and I respect her a lot.

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